Sravana Nakshatra Names For Girl

Total 97 Hindu Girl Names For 'Sravana' Nakshatra Found    
Name Meaning Numerology Gender Add to Fav
Jebisha Prayerful 9 Girl
Jeel Silent lake, Jharna 5 Girl
Jeenal Lord Vishnu, Kind, Loving, Good natured and intelligent 2 Girl
Jeenam River 3 Girl
Jeeteshi Goddess of victory 9 Girl
Jeethika Jewess, Woman of judea 6 Girl
Jeeva Life, Immortal 7 Girl
Jeevaa Life, Immortal 8 Girl
Jeeval Full of life, Inspiring, Lively, Causing victory 1 Girl
Jeevana Life, Feminine of jovian derived from jove who was the roman mythological jupiter and father of the Sky, One of 108 names of the Sun God 22 Girl
Jeevani Life, Auto biography 3 Girl
Jeevankala Art of life 1 Girl
Jeevanlata Creeper of life 1 Girl
Jeevanthini Name of a Raga 9 Girl
Jeevantika Name of a Raga, One who gives blessings of long life 8 Girl
Jeevika Water, Source of life, Livelihood, Life giving 9 Girl
Jeevita Life 9 Girl
Jeevitha Life 8 Girl
Jeevnee Life, Auto biography 3 Girl
Jegatha Truth of the world 7 Girl
Jehannaz Pride of universe 7 Girl
Jeiya Sweet heart, To live 5 Girl
Jelaxmi Goddess of victory, Star 11 Girl
Jemisha Queen of night 11 Girl
Jency God has blessed 3 Girl
Jenika Gods gracious gift 5 Girl
Jenisha God is gracious, Superior person 3 Girl
Jenita Variation of Jenny which is a diminutive of jane and jennifer 5 Girl
Jennisha Dispeller of ignorance 8 Girl
Jensi God has blessed 3 Girl
Jenu Well-born, Noble 5 Girl
Jenvitha Suggest meaning 8 Girl
Jenya Truth, Original, Noble 1 Girl
Jenye Suggest meaning 5 Girl
Jershika Suggest meaning 9 Girl
Jesal Poof 11 Girl
Jeshna Victory 3 Girl
Jeshri Victory, Right, Singing 6 Girl
Jesmitha Smiley, Smiles 4 Girl
Jesri Victory, Right, Singing 7 Girl
Jessi Gift of God 8 Girl
Jestiya Suggest meaning 8 Girl
Jeswitha Smile 5 Girl
Jetal Winner 3 Girl
Jetashri A Raga 9 Girl
Jevana Life, Feminine of jovian derived from jove who was the roman mythological jupiter and father of the Sky, One of 108 names of the Sun God 8 Girl
Jevaria Name of prophet muhammads wife 3 Girl
Jeya Kumari Queen of victory 6 Girl
Jeyaratnam Suggest meaning 9 Girl
Jodha Princess 2 Girl
Johnsvi Suggest meaning 7 Girl
Joita Victorious, Winner 1 Girl
Joly Cheerful 8 Girl
Jonakhi Suggest meaning 5 Girl
Joshika Young maiden, Cluster of buds, Young 1 Girl
Joshini Wealthy 3 Girl
Joshita Pleased, Delighted 1 Girl
Joshitha Pleased, Delighted 9 Girl
Joshmitha Suggest meaning 4 Girl
Joshna Moonlight 22 Girl
Joshnika Cupid, Follower of Lord Shiva 6 Girl
Jositha Pleased, Delighted 1 Girl
Josmitha Brave; Intelligent 5 Girl
Josnika Cupid, Follower of Lord Shiva 7 Girl
Josthna Suggest meaning 6 Girl
Jostnika Suggest meaning 9 Girl
Josya Delightful 7 Girl
Jothi Lamp - removes dark ness 8 Girl
Jothika Sun Light; Light 11 Girl
Jotshna Radiant like flames, Goddess Durga, Moon light 6 Girl
Joufi Joyful 7 Girl
Jovita Joy 5 Girl
Jovitha Joy 4 Girl
Jowaki A firefly 6 Girl
Joyatri Light 8 Girl
Joyshree Joy, Happiness, Joyful, Pleasure 6 Girl
Juana Gift from God 11 Girl
Juhi A flower, Jasmine, Light 3 Girl
Jui A flower 4 Girl
Juily A flower 5 Girl
Juma Born on a friday 9 Girl
Junitha Suggest meaning 11 Girl
Jushti Love, Service 6 Girl
Khejal Suggest meaning 2 Girl
Khevna Wish 7 Girl
Khiaa Boat 3 Girl
Khilti Bloom 6 Girl
Khujara Suggest meaning 7 Girl
Khusbu Perfume, Fragrance 1 Girl
Khushali Spreading happiness 8 Girl
Khushboo Perfume, Fragrance 9 Girl
Khushbu Perfume, Fragrance 9 Girl
Khushee Happiness, Smile, Delight 5 Girl
Khushi Happiness, Smile, Delight (Celebrity Name: Sridevi) 4 Girl
Khushika Happiness 7 Girl
Khushmita Happy mood 11 Girl
Khusi Happiness, Smile, Delight 5 Girl
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