Mrigashiras Nakshatra Names For Girl

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Name Meaning Numerology Gender Add to Fav
Behula Cow, Kritika Nakshatra 22 Girl
Bekuri One with musical leanings, An Apsara 3 Girl
Bel Earth, Muse, Water, Wind, Refreshment, An Apsara or celestial nymph, Another name for Saraswati 1 Girl
Bela Sacred wood apple tree, Time, Creeper, A vine, The Jasmine creeper 11 Girl
Belli Silver in Kannada and Tamil, Silver, A companion 22 Girl
Belurmi Parvathi name bela+urmi 8 Girl
Benisha Dedicated, Flashing 4 Girl
Benitha Suggest meaning 5 Girl
Benshik King of the forest 5 Girl
Benu Venus, Flute, Created with immense power 6 Girl
Bethina Gods promise 5 Girl
Bodhani Knowledge 8 Girl
Bodhi Enlightenment 11 Girl
Bodhitha Having been taught, Enlightened 4 Girl
Bodin Wisdom, Enlightenment, Knowledge 8 Girl
Bonasri Flute, Instrument played by Lord Krishna 6 Girl
Boomi Dhara 9 Girl
Boomika Base, Of earth 3 Girl
Boond Drop 5 Girl
Booshani A Nakshatra 11 Girl
Bosky God is perfection, God is my oath 9 Girl
Kaahini Youthful, Spirited, Young 8 Girl
Kaajal Muscara Surma, Eyeliner, Kohl, Decoration for womens eyes 9 Girl
Kaakali A musical instrument, The melodious voice of the cuckoo, Chirping of birds 1 Girl
Kaalaka Dark, Fog, Flawed gold, Perfumed, Earth, Another name for Goddess Durga's perfumed 11 Girl
Kaalaratri Goddess who is black like night 11 Girl
Kaali Night, Destroyer, Goddess Durga's in her terrifying form, Blackness 7 Girl
Kaalika Dark, Fog, Flawed gold, Perfumed, Earth, A bud 1 Girl
Kaama Desired, Cherished, The golden one or Love, Beauty, Briliance 9 Girl
Kaamada Generous 5 Girl
Kaamana Desire 6 Girl
Kaamika Desired 2 Girl
Kaamini Desirable, Beautiful, Affectionate, A beautiful woman 4 Girl
Kaamit Desired 1 Girl
Kaamita Desired 2 Girl
Kaamiya Beautiful, Capable 7 Girl
Kaamma Loveble 4 Girl
Kaamodi Exciting 9 Girl
Kaamuna Desired 8 Girl
Kaamya Beautiful, Lovable, Assiduous, Successful 7 Girl
Kaanchana Gold, Wealth 9 Girl
Kaanchi Brilliant, A pilgrimage centre in south india, A waistband 11 Girl
Kaanta Beautiful, Ever-radiant 3 Girl
Kaanti Beauty, Desire, Splendour, Ornament, Another name for Goddess Lakshmi, Luster, Loveliness 2 Girl
Kaartiki Devout, Divine, Light, Ekadashi in month of Kartik 8 Girl
Kaarunya Compassionate (Goddess Lakshmi), Praiseworthy, Merciful, Kind 11 Girl
Kaashi Devotional place, Pilgrimage spot, Varanasi, The holy city 22 Girl
Kaashvi Shining, Bright, Glowing 8 Girl
Kaashwi Shining, Bright, Glowing 9 Girl
Kaasni Flower, Special girl, Goddess Lakshmi 1 Girl
Kaavya Poetry in motion, Poem, Laden with sentiment, Worth, Learning, Foresight, With the qualities of a sage or poet learning 7 Girl
Kaavyanjali The offering of poetry 8 Girl
Kaaya Body, Elder sister 3 Girl
Kabani Name of a river 2 Girl
Kadambari Goddess 6 Girl
Kadambi Array of clouds 5 Girl
Kadambini An array of clouds 1 Girl
Kadanmbari Female cuckoo, Goddess Saraswati 11 Girl
Kadhiroli Intelligent, Brilliant like a Ray of sunlight 6 Girl
Kahar A water-drawer. and carrier of palanquins (palki) · One belonging to a kahar community 3 Girl
Kahini Youthful, Spirited, Young 7 Girl
Kahlima The Goddess form Kali ma 1 Girl
Kahta It means pure in greek. in Hindi it means a story told my a priest 5 Girl
Kaikeyi Mother of Bharat in Ramayan (Dashartha's youngest queen and mother of Bharata who asked for Rama's exile) 8 Girl
Kaikeyi Lord bharats mother 6 Girl
Kaira Peaceful, Unique, Lady 22 Girl
Kairavi Moonlight, Moon 8 Girl
Kairvi Moonlight 7 Girl
Kaisha Flower 22 Girl
Kaishori Goddess Parvati, Consort of Kishor 9 Girl
Kaivya Knowledge of poet 6 Girl
Kajal Muscara Surma, Eyeliner, Kohl, Decoration for womens eyes 8 Girl
Kajali Kohl, Medical lotion 8 Girl
Kajalsri Eye liner 9 Girl
Kajol Mascara, Eye liner 4 Girl
Kajri Cloud like 22 Girl
Kakali A musical instrument, The melodious voice of the cuckoo, Chirping of birds 9 Girl
Kakoli The preaching of a bird 5 Girl
Kakon Insect; Caterpillar 7 Girl
Kaksha White rose 6 Girl
Kakshi Belonging to the jungle, Fragrant 5 Girl
Kaksi Belonging to the jungle, Fragrant 6 Girl
Kala Art, Talent, Creativity, An atom, Initiative 7 Girl
Kala Devi Art, Phases of Moon 11 Girl
Kalaiarasi Childhood 1 Girl
Kalaimagal Queen of arts 5 Girl
Kalaiselvi Art of work 11 Girl
Kalaivani Goddess Saraswati, Goddess Sarasvati, Goddess of arts 8 Girl
Kalaka Dark, Fog, Flawed gold, Perfumed, Earth, Another name for Goddess Durga's perfumed 1 Girl
Kalakaanti Name of a Raga 9 Girl
Kalakarni Goddess Lakshmi, With black ears 6 Girl
Kalamanjiiraranjini Wearing a musical anklet 4 Girl
Kalandhika Bestowed of art 9 Girl
Kalanidhi Treasure of art 6 Girl
Kalapi Peacock, Nightingale 5 Girl
Kalapini Peacock, Night, Moon, Peacock tail blue 1 Girl
Kalarani Art, Phases of Moon 4 Girl
Kalasaveri Name of a Raga 9 Girl
Kalavathi Artistic or Goddess Parvati 4 Girl
Kalavati Artistic or Goddess Parvati 5 Girl
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