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Mrigashiras Nakshatra Names For Boy

Total 569 Hindu Boy Names For 'Mrigashiras' Nakshatra Found    
Name Meaning Numerology Gender Fav
Kavish King of poets; Name of Lord Ganesh 7 Boy
Ved Sacred knowledge; Riches; Precious; Four philosophical scriptures underlying Hinduism 4 Boy
Kinshu Another name of Shri Lord Krishna 1 Boy
Kanish Caring 8 Boy
Kahaan The world; Lord Krishna; Universe 9 Boy
Veda Pious; Writing of the Aryans; Devout; Celebrated; Worthy 5 Unisex
Veer Courageous; Warrior; Strong; Lightning; Thunder 5 Boy
Vedant The scriptures; Vedic method of self realisation; Knower of the Vedas; Theology; Absolute truth; Hindu philosophy or ultimate wisdom; King of all 3 Boy
Kanv Name of a saint; Skilful; Intelligent; Admired 3 Boy
Vedi Science; Knowledge; Another name of Sarasvatee; Learned; Teacher 22 Unisex
Kanav Kundal in Lord Krishna's ear; Name of a sage; Wise; Beautiful 4 Boy
Veni Braided hair; Name of a river, stream; Bridge; The confluence of rivers 5 Boy
Kapi Monkey; The Sun 1 Boy
Vel Lord Murugan; A divine javelin spear associated with Hindu war God Karthikeya 3 Boy
Karan Karna, The firstborn of Kunti; Talented; Intelligent; Ear; Document; Another name for Brahman or the supreme spirit 9 Boy
Kairav White Lotus; Born of water; Gambler 8 Boy
Kiyansh A person having all qualities 6 Boy
Kanan A garden; Forest; The mouth of Brahma 5 Unisex
Kalp The Moon; Thought; Appropriate; Competent; Rule; Healthy; Perfect; A day in the life of Brahma; Another name for Shiva 4 Boy
Kavin Handsome; Beautiful; Another name for Ganesh 3 Unisex
Kashish Lord of Kashi, Another name for Lord Shiva; Attraction 3 Unisex
Kiran Ray of light; Heat 8 Unisex
Kavisha Lord of poets; Lord Ganesh; Small poem 8 Unisex
Kiyaan Kings; Royal 7 Boy
Karv Love; Desire 7 Boy
Kalap The Moon; Intelligent; Collection; The tail of a peacock; Totality; Decoration 5 Boy
Kian The grace of God; Ancient or distant 8 Boy
Kapil Name of a sage; The Sun; Fire; Another name of Lord Vishnu; An incarnation of Vishnu 22 Boy
Kajish Lord vinayagar 22 Boy
Karm Deed; Action; Destiny; Code; Duty 7 Boy
Kavan Water; Poem 4 Boy
Kana An atom; Lord Krishna 9 Unisex
Kalesh Lord of everything 2 Boy
Kamesh Lord of Love 3 Boy
Kinal Extremes in fortune; Health and spirituality 2 Unisex
Vedik Consciousness; Altar; Name of a river in india 6 Boy
Kapish Lord Hanuman; Lord of monkeys; Name of Sugreev 1 Boy
Kasish Lord Shiva, Lord of Kashi, An epithet of Shiva or any king of banaras 22 Boy
Kalash Sacred pot; The pinnacle of a temple; Holy urn 7 Boy
Kanha Young; Lord Krishna 8 Boy
Kirat Sing God's praise or glory; Lord Shiva 5 Boy
Kalki White horse 8 Boy
Kalpa Able; Fit 5 Boy
Kinshuk A flower 3 Boy
Kiyash Lord Shri Krishna 1 Boy
Veekshit Brave 9 Boy
Kamik Desired 9 Boy
Kanal Shining; Brilliant 3 Boy
Kaki Black bird 5 Boy
Kalva Heroine 11 Boy
Kanhu One of the childhood name of Lord Krishna 1 Boy
Kanil Power; Indestructible Lord Vishnu like 2 Boy
Kalol Chirp of birds 6 Boy
Vedhas Related to Veda ancient original books of Hindu; Worthy, Courageous, Wise, Learned, Religious, Creator, Disposer 5 Boy
Vedang From the Vedas; One of six sciences chanting; Ritual; Grammar; Vocabulary; Speech interpretation grammar 8 Boy
Kautik Joy 1 Boy
Kishna Lord Krishna; Black; Dark-skinned 8 Boy
Kavi A wise man; Poet; Talented; A physician; Another name for Brahma; A singer talented; Knowledgeable 7 Boy
Kanj Lord Brahma; Born in water 9 Boy
Vedan Part of the sacred knowledge 1 Boy
Vedesh Lord of Vedas 9 Boy
Veera Brave; Heroic; Wise; Pahlavi 6 Boy
Venu Flute 8 Boy
Vedish Lord of Vedas a Hindu mythologys detail knowledge; Lord of the wise; Another name for Brahma 4 Boy
Kaval Nivala morsel 11 Boy
Velan Another name of Lord Murugan 9 Boy
Kishin Kishin refers to a Hindu God Lord Krishna 7 Boy
Kavy A wise man; Poet; Talented; A physician; Another name for Brahma; A singer talented; Knowledgeable 5 Boy
Karna The firstborn of Kunti (Eldest son of Kunti, sired by the Sun God; Friend of Duryodhana; Raised by a charioteer when his mother abandoned him at birth.) 9 Boy
Bejul Defender; Protection; Blessing; Loved One; Soul; A Son of God 5 Boy
Kirik Sparkling; Brilliant 4 Boy
Kanvar Young Prince 22 Boy
Vendan King 6 Boy
Kaushik The sentiment of love and affection; Another name for Indra and Shiva; With knowledge of hidden treasure; Love 8 Boy
Kavit Poem 9 Boy
Vedanta The term Veda means knowledge and anta means the end, and originally referred to the Upanishads 22 Unisex
Kirin Poet; Writer; Orator 7 Boy
Kintesh Son of Sathamurthi 5 Boy
Kasi Devotional place; Pilgrimage spot; Varanasi; The holy city 4 Boy
Kayansh Part of body 7 Boy
Karn The ear 8 Boy
Velu Shaggy; Hairy 6 Boy
Kishu Light; Luster 5 Boy
Karma Deed; Action; Destiny; Code; Duty 8 Boy
Kineesh To Succeed 8 Boy
Vedas Related to Veda ancient original books of Hindu, Brahma Lord Vishnu Mahesh, Worthy, Courageous, Wise, Learned, Religious, Creator, Disposer, Brahma 6 Boy
Kanishk An ancient king; Small; A king who followed Buddhism 1 Boy
Kanak Gold; Sandalwood 11 Unisex
Kartik Name of one of the month's; Inspiring with courage and joy 7 Boy
Vedansh Part of Veda 1 Boy
Kailash One who bestows peace; Name of a Himalayan peak; Abode of Lord Shiva 7 Boy
Kishan Lord Krishna; Black; Dark-skinned 8 Boy
Kalpit Imagined; Creative; Appropriate; Exact; Invented 6 Boy
Kaushal Clever; Skilled; Welfare; Wealth; Happiness 1 Boy
Kirti Fame; Reputation; Happiness 4 Unisex
Kailas One who bestows peace; Name of a Himalayan peak; Abode of Lord Shiva 8 Boy
Kalyan Welfare; Worth; Fortune; Noble; Auspicious; Wealthy; Joyful 1 Boy
Kayan The name of a dynasty of king kaikobad, King, Name of a royal dynasty in persia 7 Boy
Kanishka An ancient king; Small; A king who followed Buddhism 11 Boy
Kalkin Tenth incarnation of Lord Vishnu 22 Boy
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