Indian Boy Names Having Meaning 'Intelligent'

Total 107 Boy Names Found For Meaning Having 'Intelligent'    
Name Meaning Numerology Gender Add to Fav
Aadish Full of wisdom, Intelligent, Commanded, Counselled 6 Boy
Aaqil Wise, Intelligent, Thoughtful, Sensible 22 Boy
Aariz Respectable Man, Intelligent 1 Boy
Adhinav Intelligent, Innovative 5 Boy
Aidan Help, Intelligent 2 Boy
Akilan Intelligent, Logical 3 Boy
Anbumadi Kind and intelligent 11 Boy
Aqeel Wise, Intelligent, Thoughtful, Sensible 22 Boy
Aqil Wise, Intelligent, Thoughtful, Sensible 3 Boy
Aqlan Intelligent 9 Boy
Aref Wise, Intelligent 3 Boy
Arhab Intelligent 3 Boy
Ariez Respectable Man, Intelligent 5 Boy
Arivalagan Intelligent and handsome 5 Boy
Arivali Smart, Intelligent 9 Boy
Arivumadhi Intelligent 7 Boy
Arivumani Intelligent gem 9 Boy
Arivunambi Confident and intelligent 11 Boy
Awarif Intelligent 4 Boy
Aydin Brilliant, Enlightened, Intelligent, Light of the Moon 8 Boy
Charvik Intelligent 9 Boy
Chattarbir Intelligent and brave 1 Boy
Chattarmeet Intelligent friend 6 Boy
Chinthanaichelvan Intelligent, Thoughtful 8 Boy
Dahiah Intelligent 4 Boy
Dahiyyah Intelligent 9 Boy
Dana Learned, Intelligent, Grain, Wise, Another name for God 11 Boy
Daniyal Intelligent 3 Boy
Dhakiy Intelligent, Bright 4 Boy
Dhakwan Intelligent 8 Boy
Dheeman Intelligent, Wise, Prudent, Learned 5 Boy
Dheemant Wise, Intelligent, Prudent, Learned 7 Boy
Dhimant Wise, Intelligent, Prudent, Learned 6 Boy
Dhishan The intelligent one, Name of Brihaspati, Planet jupiter, Spiritual preceptor, Epithet of Narayan, Wise, The God of speech 9 Boy
Dousik Intelligent 7 Boy
Duhat Intelligent 9 Boy
Faaris Horseman, Knight, Intelligent 9 Boy
Faheel Intelligent 1 Boy
Faheem Intelligent, Beautiful 11 Boy
Fahim Intelligent, Beautiful 1 Boy
Fahmi Intelligent, Discerning 1 Boy
Fahmun Intelligent 9 Boy
Farees Horseman, Knight, Intelligent 9 Boy
Faris Horseman, Knight, Intelligent 8 Boy
Fatan Intelligent, Sagacious 6 Boy
Haaziq Intelligent, Skillful 8 Boy
Hamiz Intelligent, Brilliant 3 Boy
Haziq Intelligent, Skillful 7 Boy
Himanth Raj Intelligent 3 Boy
Izyan Intelligent 3 Boy
Jalinoos Intelligent 5 Boy
Kalap The Moon, Intelligent, Collection, The tail of a peacock, Totality, Decoration 5 Boy
Kanv Name of a saint, Skilful, Intelligent, Admired 3 Boy
Karan Karna, The firstborn of Kunti, Talented, Intelligent, Ear, Document, Another name for brahman or the supreme spirit 9 Boy
Kavyansh Intelligent and born with poetry 11 Boy
Kusagra A king, Intelligent 6 Boy
Kushagra A king, Intelligent 5 Boy
Labeeb Sensible, Intelligent 9 Boy
Labib Sensible, Intelligent 8 Boy
Mahabuddhi Extremely intelligent 8 Boy
Manasvin Lord Vishnu, Intelligent, Clever, Prudent, Attentive, Full of mind 3 Boy
Maqil Intelligent 7 Boy
Marmik Intelligent, Influential, Insightful, Perceptive 11 Boy
Matil Intelligent 1 Boy
Mika Cool, Sweet, Intelligent 7 Boy
Mudrik Perceptive, Intelligent 4 Boy
Nabighah Intelligent 5 Boy
Nagib Noble, Intelligent 6 Boy
Najeeb Of noble descent, Intelligent 1 Boy
Najib Of noble descent, Intelligent 9 Boy
Pradhi Intelligent 11 Boy
Pragnan Intelligent 8 Boy
Pragnesh Intelligent 7 Boy
Prajnan Intelligent, Wise, Clever 11 Boy
Prakher Intelligent 5 Boy
Rasheed Rationale, Intelligent, Rightly-guided, Having the true faith 6 Boy
Rashid Rationale, Intelligent, Rightly-guided, Having the true faith 5 Boy
Sai Das Intelligent 8 Boy
Shaariq Intelligent, Brilliance 1 Boy
Shabaz Beautiful, Handsome, Intelligent, Protected by Allah, Self confidence, Respectful 3 Boy
Shaheem Intelligent 5 Boy
Shameen Intelligent, Happy, Auspicious, Security, Wealthy 11 Boy
Shareeq Intelligent, Brilliance 1 Boy
Shariq Intelligent, Brilliance, Associate 9 Boy
Shayaan Intelligent, Courteous 6 Boy
Shayan Intelligent, Courteous 5 Boy
Shaylan Intelligent 8 Boy
Sian Very intelligent loves horses and her life has lots of friends enjoys riding horses and being with her best Pal tahny 7 Boy
Suchetas Intelligent, Kind 6 Boy
Sujan Honest, Intelligent, Virtuous, Respectable, Kind, Good 11 Boy
Sujanbir Intelligent and brave 4 Boy
Sujanwant Very intelligent 6 Boy
Sujjan Honest, Intelligent, Virtuous, Respectable, Kind, Good 3 Boy
Tejaswin Lustrous or bright or radiant or intelligent, Brave, Powerful, Celebrated, Energetic, Noble, Brilliant 11 Boy
Thinakaran Brilliant like the Sun, Intelligent 7 Boy
Thivyan Divine, Intelligent 9 Boy
Umair Second Khalifah, Intelligent 8 Boy
Umar Second Khalifah, Intelligent 8 Boy
Vehant Intelligent 7 Boy
Vidhu Lord Vishnu, Intelligent 1 Boy
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