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Indian Boy Names Having Meaning 'Lotus'

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Name Meaning Numerology Gender Fav
Abjayoni Born of the lotus, Another name of Lord Brahma 5 Boy
Alarka White lotus 8 Boy
Ambhoj Day Lotus; Water born; Lotus 22 Boy
Ambuj Lotus; Water born; Indra's thunderbolt 11 Boy
Ambujakshan Lotus eyed 11 Boy
Aravindan Lotus; Lord Vishnu; A Tamil saint 3 Boy
Aravindhan Lotus; Lord Vishnu; A Tamil saint 11 Boy
Aravinth Lotus 3 Boy
Artham Fortune; The golden Lotus on the forehead; Lord Vishnu from which the goddess Sri orginated 7 Boy
Arvind Lotus 5 Boy
Arvinda Lotus 6 Boy
Banaj Lotus; Natural; Born of the forest; Born of the water 1 Boy
Bisaj Lotus 5 Boy
Charanjyot Light of Guru's Lotus feet 7 Boy
Charankawal Lotus like feet - as those of the Guru 3 Boy
Charanpal Protection under the Guru's Lotus feet 11 Boy
Chraranpal Protection of the lotus feet 11 Boy
Gurkamal Lotus of the Guru (submitted by Aman Singh) 3 Boy
Harkamal Lotus like God 11 Boy
Indeevar Blue lotus 6 Boy
Indeevaraksh Lotus eyed 9 Boy
Indeevaras Blue lotus 8 Boy
Indeever Blue lotus 1 Boy
Indivar Blue lotus 5 Boy
Jalaj Lotus; Originating in the water; The Moon; Conch shell 7 Boy
Kairabh Born from lotus 5 Boy
Kairav White Lotus; Born of water; Gambler 8 Boy
Kamal Lotus; Perfection; Miracle; Art; Water; Rose-coloured; Another name for Brahma 11 Unisex
Kamalabandhu A friend of lotus, The Sun 8 Boy
Kamalaganesh Lord Ganesh on a lotus 3 Boy
Kamalaj Lord Brahma; Born on a Lotus 4 Boy
Kamalakanth Lord Vishnu; Kamala - she of the Lotus i.e. Lakshmi, Kant - husband 3 Boy
Kamalaksh With beautiful Lotus type eyes 5 Boy
Kamalanayan Lotus eyed 4 Boy
Kamalasambhava Emanating from the Lotus; Goddess Laxmi 7 Unisex
Kamalbandhu Brother of Lotus; The Sun 7 Boy
Kamaldeep Illumination; Mental clarity; Light of Lotus 5 Boy
Kamalekshan Lotus eyed 6 Boy
Kamaleshwar Lord of Lotus; Lord Vishnu 4 Boy
Kamalinder Lords lotus 7 Boy
Kamaljeet One who; Like the Lotus is unsoiled; Achiever of perfection; Mentally victorious; Taken medicine 6 Boy
Kamalmeet Friend of lotus 9 Boy
Kamalmohan Attractive as lotus 8 Boy
Kamalnayan Lotus-eyed 3 Boy
Kamalpal Lotus keeper 22 Boy
Kamalpati Lotus like Lord master; Mastering madness 3 Boy
Kamalprem Love of lotus 9 Boy
Kamalroop Embodiment of lotus 3 Boy
Kamalvir Brave lotus 6 Boy
Kamalwant Complete lotus 6 Boy
Kamlakant Lord Vishnu; Kamala - she of the Lotus i.e. Lakshmi, Kant - husband 3 Boy
Kamlesh God of lotus 6 Boy
Kamleshwar Lord of lotus 3 Boy
Kanjalochana Lotus eyed God 1 Unisex
Kanjam Lotus; Nectar 5 Boy
Kank The scent of the Lotus; Heron; Fragrance of the Lotus 1 Boy
Kanwal Flower; Lotus 8 Boy
Kanwalbir Brave lotus 1 Boy
Kanwalcharan Lotus feet 8 Boy
Kanwalinder Gods lotus 4 Boy
Kanwaljeet Lotus 3 Boy
Kanwalpal Protector of lotus 1 Boy
Kanwalpreet Love of lotus 9 Boy
Kanwalprem Love of lotus 6 Boy
Kavalnain Lotus eyes 4 Boy
Kavel Lotus 6 Boy
Keva Fair; Beautiful; Gentle; Lotus 3 Unisex
Kishlay Lotus 4 Boy
Kislay Lotus 5 Boy
Arvin Kumar Lotus 11 Boy
Kumudaksh Lotus eyed 1 Boy
Kunal Lotus; A bird (Son of emperor Ashok) 5 Boy
Lian Lotus 9 Boy
Livkamal Absorbed in lotus feet of God 9 Boy
Livsharan Absorbed in the lotus feet of God 5 Boy
Malkant Lord of Lotus; Lord Vishnu 9 Boy
Mranal A collection of lotus 5 Boy
Mrinal Lotus; Delicate; The root of a Lotus 4 Unisex
Nalika Lotus 3 Unisex
Nalin Lotus; Water; Crane; Water lily 5 Boy
Nalina Lotus; Pond of Lotuses; Flower; The stalk of the water lily; Beautiful; Fragrant the stalk of the water lily 6 Unisex
Nalinaksh Lotus eyed 8 Boy
Nalinaksha Lotus-eyed 9 Boy
Nalinikant Husband of Lotus; Sun 6 Boy
Neelaj The lotus flower 2 Boy
Neelambuj Blue lotus 11 Boy
Neelotpal Blue lotus 1 Boy
Neeraj Lotus flower; To illuminate; Irradiate 8 Boy
Neeraj Nayan Eye like lotus 9 Boy
Neerajpaul Protector of lotus 4 Boy
Nilotpal Blue lotus 9 Boy
Niraj Lotus flower; Pure; Free from attachment 7 Boy
Niroj Lotus 3 Boy
Padam Lotus 8 Boy
Padamdeep Thousand billions; Of regions; Of Lotus petaled lamps 11 Boy
Padamjeet The victory of the lotus 3 Boy
Padamjot Light of the lotus 8 Boy
Padampal Protector of the lotus 1 Boy
Padampreet Love for the lotus 9 Boy
Padamprem Love for the lotus 6 Boy
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