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Name Meaning Numerology Gender Fav
Artham Fortune; The golden Lotus on the forehead; Lord Vishnu from which the goddess Sri orginated 7 Boy
Charanjyot Light of Guru's Lotus feet 7 Boy
Jalaj Lotus; Originating in the water; The Moon; Conch shell 7 Boy
Kamalasambhava Emanating from the Lotus; Goddess Laxmi 7 Unisex
Kamalbandhu Brother of Lotus; The Sun 7 Boy
Kamalinder Lords lotus 7 Boy
Niraj Lotus flower; Pure; Free from attachment 7 Boy
Padm Lotus 7 Boy
Padmalochan Lotus eyed 7 Boy
Padmanaabhah He from whose navel comes the lotus 7 Boy
Padmanabha One with Lotus in his navel; Lord Vishnu 7 Boy
Pundalik Lotus 7 Boy
Pundarikaksh Lotus eyed 7 Boy
Rajeev Achiever; Blue Lotus 7 Boy
Rajivalochana Lotus eyed; Lord Rama 7 Boy
Rakthakamal Red lotus 7 Boy
Shreevas Lord Vishnu; Dwelling with Shree; Epithet of Vishnu; Epithet of Shiva; A Lotus 7 Boy
Srivas Lotus; Abode of wealth 7 Boy