Bharani Nakshatra Names For Girl

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Name Meaning Numerology Gender Add to Fav
Liya I am with God 2 Girl
Lekha Writing, Mark, Horizon the crescent Moon, Line, Record, Lightening 1 Girl
Lira Devotee of Goddess Kali 22 Girl
Lina A devoted one, Tender, Woman of magdala, To be present in latent, United 9 Girl
Lipi Script, Alphabet, Manuscript, Writing 1 Girl
Lena A devoted one, Tender, Woman of magdala, To be present in latent, United 5 Girl
Leeza Joy, Devoted to God 22 Girl
Luni Salty 2 Girl
Lema The name lemma means a creeper, A deer, A lady 4 Girl
Lithika Cute and perfect 7 Girl
Limna Special; The One; Most Knowledge Full Person; Beautiful 22 Girl
Loukya Worldly wise, Goddess Lakshmi 22 Girl
Leena Goddess Lakshmi, A wife, The Goddess of fortune, Good luck, Riches, Splendor, Vermillion, Red earth, Name of An Apsara, Epithet of Mahalakshmi, A woman 1 Girl
Lochan The eye, Sight 8 Unisex
Leela Divine play, Creation of God, Joy, Comfort, Beauty, Grace 8 Unisex
Lekisha Life 11 Girl
Loshini Shine above the whole world 5 Girl
Lohita Red, Ruby, Goddess Lakshmi in the form of iron, Saffron, Copper 11 Girl
Lipika A short letter, Alphabet, Manuscript, Script, Writing, Writer 4 Girl
Lehak A light that shines very bright that even you close your eyes you can see it 1 Girl
Lekhya World 8 Girl
Likita Writing 8 Girl
Lekya Mathematician 9 Girl
Lila Divine play, Creation of God, Joy, Comfort, Beauty, Grace 7 Unisex
Lohini Red skinned 4 Girl
Limisha Twinkling of an Eye 8 Girl
Leesha Noble sort 5 Girl
Lokanksha One who Loves World 11 Girl
Lincy Kindness 9 Girl
Lehar Wave 8 Girl
Lokini Goddess who Cares All 7 Girl
Lotica Give light to others 6 Girl
Ligy Flower of Angel 8 Girl
Leisha Angle, Of noble kind 9 Girl
Lohitha Red, Ruby, Goddess Lakshmi in the form of iron, Saffron, Copper 1 Girl
Lekshana One with auspicious signs on her, Goal, Vision, Metaphor, An Apsara 8 Girl
Liyana Art, Softness 8 Girl
Lenisha Beautiful 5 Girl
Lokitha The enlightened one 4 Girl
Lochana Eye, Illuminating 9 Girl
Lekhana Pen; Written Poem 7 Girl
Lumbini The grove where Buddha was born 8 Girl
Likilesh Goddess Saraswati 4 Unisex
Lipsika Lipstick 5 Girl
Loshana Combination of rose and Anna 7 Girl
Litika Cute and perfect 8 Girl
Leenata Humility 22 Girl
Leivina Dragnet 9 Girl
Linnet A singing bird 11 Girl
Loxi A Rose with Pink Stem; Sweet 6 Girl
Lekhi Writing, Picture 9 Girl
Likitha Writing 7 Girl
Lishitha Good; Gold Rice 5 Girl
Lithiksha Beauty 7 Girl
Leher Wave 3 Unisex
Lokshita Pray for world 5 Girl
Lithisha Happiness 5 Girl
Levinika Strength 11 Girl
Likhita Writing 7 Girl
Lineysha Intelligent 3 Girl
Linasha Suggest meaning 1 Girl
Likhitha Writing 6 Girl
Leepaakshi Girl with peacock eyes 6 Girl
Logita Suggest meaning 1 Girl
Linisha Intelligent 9 Girl
Leelima Lovely 3 Girl
Lolaksi A Shakti of Lord Ganesh 7 Girl
Lunasha Beauty of flower 22 Girl
Leenatha Humility 3 Girl
Logitha Beauty 9 Girl
Litisha Happiness 6 Girl
Lolitha Ruby 5 Girl
Locy Suggest meaning 1 Girl
Lilama Playful, Divine drama 3 Girl
Leheri Wave 3 Unisex
Lesha Suggest meaning 9 Girl
Liva Suggest meaning 8 Girl
Lipsitha Smile 4 Girl
Linju Suggest meaning 3 Girl
Leelavathi Playful, Goddess Durga 5 Girl
Lokajanani Goddess Lakshmi, Mother of the world 7 Girl
Lokamatri Goddess Lakshmi, Mother of the world 1 Girl
Luvleen Absorbed in Love 1 Girl
Loveleen Love to God 9 Girl
Leelavati Playful, Goddess Durga 6 Girl
Lukeshwari King of the empire 1 Girl
Loganayaki Goddess Parvati; Rulers of World 6 Girl
Leelamayee Playful 3 Girl
Lilavati Goddess Durga, Amusing, Charming, Graceful 5 Girl
Lopamudra Consort of saint Agastya, Learned woman (Wife of sage Agastya) 11 Girl
Lithikkaa Cute and perfect 1 Girl
Loka Priya Lustrous 9 Girl
Lumbika A musical instrument 6 Girl
Leelawati Goddess Durga, Amusing, Charming, Graceful 7 Girl
Logeshwari Love blessing 9 Girl
Lilavarti Playful, Amusing, Charming 5 Girl
Lookeshwari King of the empire 1 Girl
Logambal Goddess of the world 9 Girl
Lilawatti To Write 8 Girl
Lokapati Lord Shiva 4 Girl
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