Marathi Baby Boy Names Starting With G

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Name Meaning Numerology Gender Fav
Gajakarna One who has eyes like an Elephant 1 Boy-E
Gajananeti Elephant faced Lord 1 Boy-E
Gajender King of Elephant and Inderlok, Inderdev 1 Boy-E
Gajinisswaran 1 Boy-E
Gajpati Master of an elephant, Lord Ganesh 1 Boy-E
Gajrup Lord Ganesh, One who looks like an elephant 1 Boy-E
Ganadhakshya Lord of all Ganas 1 Boy-E
Gandharaj King of fragrance 1 Boy-E
Ganendra Lord of a troop 1 Boy-E
Ganesha Lord Ganesh; Lord of the army 1 Boy-E
Gantavya Destination 1 Boy-E
Gaoushik Lord Buddha; A surname of Vishvamitra; An epithet of Shiva; Love; Passion; An epithet of Indra 1 Boy-E
Garishit Heaviest 1 Boy-E
Garisht Heaviest 1 Boy-E
Gauravanvit Making you proud 1 Boy-E
Gavy White Falcon; A forest in Kerala 1 Boy-E
Geet Song; Poem; Chant 1 Boy-E
Geetanshu Part of holy book Bhagwat Geeta 1 Boy-E
Ghananand Happy like cloud 1 Boy-E
Girijapati Lord Shiva, Consort of Girija 1 Boy-E
Gnana Knowledge 1 Boy-E
Gnanasekar Gnana - knowledge sense, Sekar - God 1 Boy-E
Gnanender Wisdom 1 Boy-E
Gomantak Land similar to paradise; Fertile soil & good waters 1 Boy-E
Gourab Honor; Pride; Respect; Glory; Dignity 1 Boy-E
Gouthaman 1 Boy-E
Grahil Lord Krishna 1 Boy-E
Greetish Lord Shiva 1 Boy-E
Gunagrahin Acceptor of gunas 1 Boy-E
Gunakar An ancient king 1 Boy-E
Gunamay Virtuous 1 Boy-E
Gundapa Round 1 Boy-E
Gunwant Virtuous 1 Boy-E
Gurcharan The feet of the Guru 1 Boy-E
Gurish Lord Shiva 1 Boy-E
Gurudas Servant to the enlightener; Servant of the Guru 1 Boy-E
Gurumurthy Lord Shiva 1 Boy-E
Gajraj King of elephant 2 Boy-E
Gaur Giving attention; White; Beautiful 2 Boy-E
Gotam Lord Buddha; Remover of darkness; Full of life; One of the seven Rishis; One who enlightens 2 Boy-E
Gunav Possessor of virtues 2 Boy-E
Gyan Knowledge 2 Boy-E
Gagan Sky; Heaven; Atmosphere 3 Boy-E
Gajanan One with an elephant face; Elephant-faced Lord 3 Boy-E
Gajdant Elephant teeth; Lord Ganesh 3 Boy-E
Gananath Lord Shiva, Lord of the Ganas 3 Boy-E
Gandharv Celestial musician; Singer; Divine musician; Another name for Surya 3 Boy-E
Gangadatt Gift of the ganges 3 Boy-E
Garv Proud 3 Boy-E
Garvish Garv 3 Boy-E
Gatik Fast; Progressive 3 Boy-E
Gaureesh Lord Shiva, Lord of Gauri 3 Boy-E
Gaurikant Consort of Gauri, Lord Shiva 3 Boy-E
Gayan Sky 3 Boy-E
Girijanandan Lord Ganesh, Son of Girija 3 Boy-E
Girivar Lord Krishna, One who holds govardhana Giri mountain in his hand 3 Boy-E
Girivardhan Lord Vekataswra 3 Boy-E
Girven Language of God 3 Boy-E
Gokiran Wisdom 3 Boy-E
Gokul A place where Lord Krishna was brought up 3 Boy-E
Golochan 3 Boy-E
Gopalpriya Lover of cowherds 3 Boy-E
Gorank Bright / Fair Faced 3 Boy-E
Goshant Variation to shanti meaning peacefulness 3 Boy-E
Gourav Honor; Pride; Respect; Glory; Dignity 3 Boy-E
Gowrak Lord Ganesh 3 Boy-E
Grahin Of planets; About the planets 3 Boy-E
Guha Priyan Simplicity 3 Boy-E
Gunashekaran Virtuous; Gunam 3 Boy-E
Gunavardhan 3 Boy-E
Gunina Lord of all virtues, Lord Ganesh 3 Boy-E
Gunvit Virtuous 3 Boy-E
Gurbachan The promise of the Guru 3 Boy-E
Gurusaran Refuge at the Guru 3 Boy-E
Gyaan One having exalted divine knowledge; Wisdom 3 Boy-E
Gajendranath Owner of Gajendra 4 Boy-E
Gambhir Deep; Serious; Profound; Tolerant; Powerful 4 Boy-E
Gandeevi The owner of Gandeeva; His bow 4 Boy-E
Gandharin Fragrant; Sweet smelling 4 Boy-E
Gandharva Celestial musician; Singer; Divine musician; Another name for Surya 4 Boy-E
Gandiva The bow of Arjuna 4 Boy-E
Gaurik Lord Ganesh; Mountain-born 4 Boy-E
Gian One having exalted divine knowledge; Wisdom 4 Boy-E
Girjesh King of mountain; Lord Krishna 4 Boy-E
Gorakh Nath Saint of Gorakh community 4 Boy-E
Gouransh A part of Gauri parwati 4 Boy-E
Goutham Lord Buddha; Remover of darkness; Full of life; One of the seven Rishis; One who enlightens 4 Boy-E
Grithesh Dedication 4 Boy-E
Gudakesh Possessing thick beautiful hair 4 Boy-E
Gunagya Knower of virtues 4 Boy-E
Gunasekaran Virtuous; Gunam 4 Boy-E
Gurdeep The lamp of the Guru 4 Boy-E
Gurucharan The feet of the Guru 4 Boy-E
Gurudatt Gift of the Guru 4 Boy-E
Guruttam The greatest teacher 4 Boy-E
Gyaneshwar God of wisdom 4 Boy-E
Gaatrika Song 5 Boy-E
Gajadhar Who can command an Elephant 5 Boy-E
Gajbahu Who has the strength of an Elephant 5 Boy-E
Gana Lord Shiva; Flock; Troop; Multitude; Number; Tribe; Series or class 5 Boy-E
Showing 1 - 100 of 337
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Popular Marathi Boy names beginning with G

Selecting a suitable name for a child has always been a special task for every parent. It requires a lot of thought. This popular collection of Modern Marathi Boy names beginning with G will help you to fina a perfect name for your newborn!. This Marathi names list contains cute, modern, unique and beautiful names for Boy child. We trust, you will find a perfect name from this list.