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35 Girl Names Found For Meaning Having 'Wise'
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Name Meaning Numerology Gender Fav
Ajmi Extremly wise 6 Girl-E
Aleema Knowing or knowledgeable; Wise 1 Girl-E
Alima Knowing or knowledgeable; Wise 9 Girl-E
Aqeela Wise; Sensible 5 Girl-E
Aqeelah A wise; Sensible; Intelligent woman 4 Girl-E
Aqilah A wise; Sensible; Intelligent woman 3 Girl-E
Areebah Witty; Smart; Wise 4 Girl-E
Aribah Witty; Smart; Wise 3 Girl-E
Daana Learned; Intelligent; Grain; Wise; Another name for God 3 Girl-E
Faekah Wise 5 Girl-E
Fahmeedah Intelligent; Wise 6 Girl-E
Fahmida Intelligent and wise 6 Girl-E
Femida Wise 11 Girl-E
Fikriya Wise 7 Girl-E
Hakeema Wise; Ruler; Queen 8 Girl-E
Hakima Wise; Ruler; Queen 7 Girl-E
Hakimah Wise; Judicious 6 Girl-E
Hasifa Judicious; Wise; Prudent 8 Girl-E
Hazeerah Wise; Clean 9 Girl-E
Hazira Joy; Love; Beauty; Intelligent; Wise 9 Girl-E
Hazirah Wise; Clean 8 Girl-E
Imseera Wise 7 Girl-E
Labeebah Intelligent; Wise; Brilliant; Sensible 9 Girl-E
Labiba Wise; Intelligent 9 Girl-E
Labibah Intelligent; Wise; Brilliant; Sensible 8 Girl-E
Nashema Wise; Blossom 7 Girl-E
Nojood Noble; Wise 1 Girl-E
Nujud Noble; Wise 7 Girl-E
Qabila Able; Wise 6 Girl-E
Raashida Wise; Mature; Intelligent; Sober 7 Girl-E
Rameesah Wise 7 Girl-E
Rasheeda Wise; Mature; Intelligent; Sober 7 Girl-E
Rashida Wise; Mature; Intelligent; Sober 6 Girl-E
Taaqul Wise thought 9 Girl-E
Ulima Astute; Wise 2 Girl-E