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Name Meaning Numerology Gender Fav
Rai Kumar Mighty protector 11 Boy
Rajanpal Protector of the king 1 Boy
Rajprateek The protector king 6 Boy
Rakhnaam One whose protector is Naam 4 Boy
Rakhwinder Brave protector 3 Boy
Rakshan Protector 9 Boy
Ramanbir One whose protector is naam 4 Boy
Ramgeet Protector of Lord; Lord's friend 6 Boy
Ramjeet Protector of the dominion of God; Light of the beloved God 9 Boy
Ransher Battlefields protector 11 Boy
Rasjog One whose life is full of the elixir of naam; Defender; Protector 7 Boy
Raxit Protector; Guard 9 Boy
Rompreet Protector of traditions 11 Boy
Roopbir Protector of traditions 3 Boy
Tajinderpal Protector of splendid God 11 Boy
Tapanpal Protector of warmth 9 Boy
Tarak Star; Pupil of an eye; Protector 6 Boy
Taranpal Protector of redemption 11 Boy
Tareq Star; Pupil of an eye; Protector 7 Boy
Tarunpal Protector of youthfulness 4 Boy
Tejpal Protector of splendor; Quick 1 Boy
Trilokarakshaka Protector of the three worlds 3 Boy
Tripal Protector of three worlds 4 Boy