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58 Boy Names Found For Meaning Having 'Lion'
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Name Meaning Numerology Gender Fav
Aauf Fragrance; Lion 11 Boy-E
Abbaas Lion 8 Boy-E
Abbas Lion 7 Boy-E
Adnan Lion; Bravery 7 Boy-E
Al Abbas Lion 11 Boy-E
Anbas Lion 1 Boy-E
Arsalaan Lion 22 Boy-E
Arslan Lion 2 Boy-E
Asad Lion; Severe; Excessive 7 Boy-E
Ashad Lion; Severe; Excessive 6 Boy-E
Athier Lion hearted 7 Boy-E
Azlaan Lion 1 Boy-E
Azlan Lion 9 Boy-E
Baber Courageous; Lion 1 Boy-E
Bahrawar Lion's heart 9 Boy-E
Baqar Inevitable; Lion; Powerful 3 Boy-E
Bayhas Name of a lion 2 Boy-E
Dahi Lion; Rapid 22 Boy-E
Dahus Lion 8 Boy-E
Dirbas Lion 8 Boy-E
Dirgham Lion 6 Boy-E
Diryas Lion 4 Boy-E
Ghazanfar Lion 1 Boy-E
Hafs Lion; Young of a Lion 7 Boy-E
Haidar Lion; Title of Ali 5 Boy-E
Haider Lion 9 Boy-E
Haitham Young hawk 6 Boy-E
Hamza Lion 22 Boy-E
Hamzah Lion; Name of the uncle of the prophet 3 Boy-E
Haydar Lion; Title of Ali 3 Boy-E
Hayder Lion 7 Boy-E
Haysam Lion 22 Boy-E
Heydar Lion 7 Boy-E
Hyder Name of the Hadrath Ali; the lion; The brave 6 Boy-E
Kifat Lion; Cheetah; Tiger 2 Boy-E
Laith Lion; Famous 5 Boy-E
Layth Lion; Famous 3 Boy-E
Mahib Another name of God; Lion; Brave 6 Boy-E
Osama Description of a Lion; Brave 4 Boy-E
Razam Lion 5 Boy-E
Sab Lion 4 Boy-E
Sarim Brave; Lion; Sword 6 Boy-E
Sayyan Lion 22 Boy-E
Shamsheer The sword of honors; The leader Lion of the herd 6 Boy-E
Sher Lion 5 Boy-E
Sher Ali The beloved one; Lion 9 Boy-E
Shoor Valiant; Bold; Mighty; Brave; Lion; Tiger 3 Boy-E
Shur Valiant; Bold; Mighty; Brave; Lion; Tiger 3 Boy-E
Usaamah Lion 1 Boy-E
Usaim Lion cub 9 Boy-E
Usama Lion 1 Boy-E
Usamah Lion 9 Boy-E
Usayd Little lion 7 Boy-E
Zaigham Lion; King of the Jungle 11 Boy-E
Zaighum Lion; Powerful 4 Boy-E
Zmarak Little lion 7 Boy-E
Zmaray Lion 3 Boy-E
Zufar Lion; A brave person; An army 9 Boy-E