Top 100 Kanya Rashi Names - Boys

Total 97 Top 100 Kanya Rashi Names - Boys    
Name Meaning Numerology Gender Add to Fav
Paavan Pure, Sacred, Fire, Incense, Pious 1 Boy
Padman Lotus 22 Boy
Palak Eyelash 5 Boy
Palaksh White 5 Boy
Palash A flowery tree, Greenery, Horse 3 Boy
Palin Guarding, Protecting 7 Boy
Pallav Young shoots and leaves 1 Boy
Palvit Name of Lord Vishnu 8 Boy
Panav Prince 9 Boy
Pankil Mud with water 9 Boy
Pankit Line 8 Boy
Panshul Fragrant, Another name of Lord Shiva, Anointed in sandalwood 1 Boy
Parag Pollen grains, Fame, Fragrant 7 Boy
Param The best, Pre-eminent 22 Boy
Paras The mystical stone that is believed to convert base metals to gold, Healthy, Touchstone, Iron 1 Boy
Parav Name of a sage 22 Boy
Parichay Introduction 9 Boy
Parijat Divine tree, A celestial flower 3 Boy
Parmarth Highest truth, Salvation 5 Boy
Parmesh Lord Shiva, Lord Vishnu 8 Boy
Parshv Weaponed soldier, Jain God, Short form of parshvanath, 23rd tirthankara in jainism 3 Boy
Parsva Weaponed soldier, Jain God, Short form of parshvanath, 23rd tirthankara in jainism 5 Boy
Parth King, Arjun 9 Boy
Parthav Greatness 5 Boy
Parthey A Name of Lord Krishna 3 Boy
Parthik Lovely 11 Boy
Parthiv Son of the earth, Brave, Prince of earth, Earthly 4 Boy
Partish Lord of parti one of the name of Shri Satya Sai baba 1 Boy
Parv Festival, Strong 3 Boy
Parva Festival, Strong 22 Boy
Parvesh Lord of celebration 8 Boy
Pauras Real Man i.e. the Man who have a hugh potentials 22 Boy
Paurav A descendent of king Puru 7 Boy
Paurush Powerful 5 Boy
Pavak Purifying, Fire, Brilliant, Pure 6 Boy
Pavin The Sun 8 Boy
Pavish Truly; Bright 3 Boy
Pavit Love 5 Boy
Pawan Breeze, Wind, Air 1 Boy
Phalak Heaven, The Sky, Shield 22 Boy
Phenil Foamy 1 Boy
Pinak Bow of Lord Shiva 6 Boy
Pinkesh Mouth of a serpent 1 Boy
Pintu Point or full stop, Rocky 8 Boy
Piyush Milk, Nectar 8 Boy
Poorv The east, Chanting voice from east at Sunrise 5 Boy
Poorvesh Earth 1 Boy
Prabhav Effect, Popular Lord, Lord Hanuman, Origin, Majesty, Power, Excellent, Eminent, Brilliance 5 Boy
Pradynesh Budhicha Dev means Lord Ganesh 11 Boy
Pradyot Ray of light, Luster, Light 9 Boy
Pradyun Radiant 9 Boy
Pragnesh Intelligent 7 Boy
Prahan Person who is very kind and generous 4 Boy
Praharsh Famous rishis name 8 Boy
Prahasit Name of Lord Buddha, Laughing, Cheerful 11 Boy
Prajesh Lord Brahma, Leader of men 5 Boy
Prajul Suggest meaning 6 Boy
Prajwat First Ray 8 Boy
Prakhyat Famous 1 Boy
Prakrit Nature, Handsome, Natural 3 Boy
Prakrut Ancient 6 Boy
Pramesh Master of accurate knowledge 8 Boy
Pramit Consciousness, Moderate, Sensible 5 Boy
Pramsu A scholar 7 Boy
Pranad Anthor name for Lord Vishnu and Brahma, Life giving 9 Boy
Pranav Lord Vishnu, The sacred syllable Om, Kind of musical instrument, An epithet of Vishnu, Son of nighna, Grandson of ananutra and brother of shatrajit, Very much fresh or young, Epithet of Shiva 9 Boy
Praneet Humble boy, Likeable, Sanctified, Modest, Leader 7 Boy
Pranesh Lord of life 9 Boy
Pranshu Tall, Lord Vishnu, High 7 Boy
Prashant Calm and composed, Peace 7 Boy
Prathamesh Lord God, Lord Ganesh, Lord of the best 1 Boy
Prathu Name of a king with blessings of Lord Vishnu 3 Boy
Prathul Plenty 6 Boy
Pratosh Extreme delight 7 Boy
Prayan Intelligence 3 Boy
Prayank Cot, A mountain 5 Boy
Prayush Suggest meaning 9 Boy
Preash Loved by God 4 Boy
Preetish God of Love, Lord of the world 1 Boy
Prem Love 7 Boy
Prerak Air screw, Stimulator 6 Boy
Prince King 11 Boy
Prish Loving, God gifted 7 Boy
Pritam Lover 5 Boy
Pritesh Lord of Love 5 Boy
Prithvi The earth 3 Boy
Prithviraj King of the earth 5 Boy
Privrata Son of satarupa 6 Boy
Priyank Very dear husband 4 Boy
Priyansh Lovable part of someone 11 Boy
Priyanshu First Ray of The Sunlight 5 Boy
Priyesh Loved by God 1 Boy
Pruthivi Earth 6 Boy
Punit Pure or holy 8 Boy
Purab East 22 Boy
Purav The east, Chanting voice from east at Sunrise 6 Boy
Purvesh Earth 1 Boy
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