Sravana Nakshatra Names For Boy

Total 89 Hindu Boy Names For 'Sravana' Nakshatra Found    
Name Meaning Numerology Gender Add to Fav
Jebabalan Son of Prayer 3 Boy
Jebin Prayer boy 22 Boy
Jeemooth Cloud 1 Boy
Jeemutbahan Full of life 1 Boy
Jeet Mastery, Victory, Success, Win 4 Boy
Jeeta Invincible, Unconquerable 5 Boy
Jeetu Always winner 7 Boy
Jeev Alive, Living being, Existing, Soul 6 Boy
Jeevaj Full of life, Born, Living 8 Boy
Jeevan Life, Soul, The Sun, Water, Wind the Sun, Life giving 3 Boy
Jeevanandham Suggest meaning 8 Boy
Jeevanbabu Life giving 11 Boy
Jeevanprakash Light of life 5 Boy
Jeevansh Jeev ka Ansh 3 Boy
Jeevant Medicine, Alive, Long-lived 5 Boy
Jeevaraj Lord of life 9 Boy
Jeevesh God, Courageous 11 Boy
Jeevith Living for ever 7 Boy
Jegan Strong 1 Boy
Jegapriyan Loved by the world 7 Boy
Jeinan Victorious 8 Boy
Jemineeswar Suggest meaning 5 Boy
Jenish Gods gracious butterfly 11 Boy
Jeram Brother of Gertrude 2 Boy
Jerrish God Saint 6 Boy
Jershon Suggest meaning 8 Boy
Jesh God is salvation 6 Boy
Jeshan Clear 3 Boy
Jeshwanth Victorious 9 Boy
Jeswanth Victorious 1 Boy
Jethwik Self Confidence 5 Boy
Jeval Life giving, Full of life 5 Boy
Jevan Life, Soul, The Sun, Water, Wind the Sun, Life giving 7 Boy
Jevesh God, Courageous 6 Boy
Jevik Suggest meaning 3 Boy
Jeyandran God Indra; Jeya means Victory; Indra is God 11 Boy
Jeyaram Gods name, Heart of Lord ramas 1 Boy
Jeyaraman Suggest meaning 7 Boy
Jeyasilan Suggest meaning 6 Boy
Jivandeep The lamp of life 7 Boy
Jogedra Lord Shiva 6 Boy
Jogendra Lord Jagannath and Lord Indra, Lord Shiva 11 Boy
Jogesh Lord Shiva, An epithet of Shiva, Lord of yogis 1 Boy
Jogindra Lord Jagannath and Lord Indra, Lord Shiva 6 Boy
Jograj Lord Krishna, Lord of ascetics 7 Boy
Jokith Suggest meaning 1 Boy
Jonty God has given 3 Boy
Joshi Lord Vishnu, Light bringer or reflect light like Sun 7 Boy
Joshila Filled with enthusiasm 11 Boy
Joshit Pleased, Delighted 9 Boy
Joshith Pleased, Delighted 8 Boy
Joshnav Suggest meaning 8 Boy
Joshva Funny 3 Boy
Jothiraj King of light, Fire 1 Boy
Jovils Suggest meaning 6 Boy
Joyal Joyful Person 9 Boy
Joydeep Victory light 8 Boy
Jubin Honorable, Righteous 2 Boy
Jugal Couple, Pair 6 Boy
Jugal Kishor Lord Krishna, A pair of adolescents, A form of Krishna with adolescent Radha 5 Boy
Jugnu A firefly, Ornament 1 Boy
Juhit Brightness, Jasmine flower 5 Boy
Juhith Brightness, Jasmine flower 4 Boy
Jujhar One who struggles 5 Boy
Jusal Pari fairy 9 Boy
Jushk Lover, Religious, Worthy 6 Boy
Jusht Amiable, Happy, Auspicious, Worshipped 6 Boy
Juvas Quickness, Swiftness 1 Boy
Khee Lord venkateswara 2 Boy
Khem Welfare 1 Boy
Khemchand Welfare 4 Boy
Khemprakash Welfare 3 Boy
Khemraj Happy kingdom, Lord Shiva 3 Boy
Khian King of terror 7 Boy
Khilesh Suggest meaning 9 Boy
Khileshwar Supreme being 6 Boy
Khosal Very Happy 3 Boy
Khounish Suggest meaning 6 Boy
Khundmir Suggest meaning 8 Boy
Khusal Happy 9 Boy
Khush Happy 22 Boy
Khushaansh Khushi ka Ansh 11 Boy
Khushal Happy, Prosperous 8 Boy
Khushant Happy 3 Boy
Khusheel Happy, Pleasant 8 Boy
Khushhal Happy, Prosperous 7 Boy
Khushil Happy, Pleasant 7 Boy
Khushkaran Suggest meaning 4 Boy
Khushvendra Suggest meaning 5 Boy
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