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Purvabhadra Nakshatra Names For Boy

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Name Meaning Numerology Gender Add to Fav
Daksh Capable, Son of Lord Brahma, Fire, Gold, Talented, Excellent, Vigorous talented (A son of Brahma) 7 Boy
Darsh Sight, Handsome, Lord Krishna, When the Moon just becomes visible 5 Boy
Daanish To be clever, Full of knowledge and wisdom, Merciful, Intelligence, Consciousness 11 Boy
Dakshith Lord Shiva, Derived from Daksh, Daksh - competent, Adroit, Expert, Intelligent, Honest, Epithet of Som, Shiva, Vishnu, Agni 8 Boy
Dax Who is aware in all thing always 11 Boy
Setu The warrior, Sacred symbol 11 Unisex
Dakshi Golden, Son, Son of Daksh, The glorious 7 Boy
Seenu Positive energy, Horseless 1 Boy
Som The Moon, Distinguished, Nectar, Ambrosia, Juice of the Soma plant that grants immortality, Another name for Shiva 11 Boy
Diyan Bright light 8 Boy
Daarshik Perceiver 8 Boy
Daivansh From gods familiy 6 Boy
Danish To be clever, Full of knowledge and wisdom, Merciful, Intelligence, Consciousness 1 Boy
Dishant Horizon, Sky 3 Boy
Soham The presence of divinity of each soul, I am him . every soul has a presence of God in it.god is within 2 Boy
Dakshesh Lord Shiva, Lord of Daksha, An epithet of Shiva 3 Boy
Dia Divine 5 Boy
Sonu Gold 6 Unisex
Sohan Smart, Good looking, Handsome 3 Boy
Daxesh Lord Brahma, Ruler of daksa 7 Boy
Sourish Lord Vishnu, The Lord of the Suras or devas. it can also mean the greatest of those who bestow good 1 Boy
Dakshin South direction, Clever, Competent, Talented, Sincere 3 Boy
Dikshit Initiated 8 Boy
Divit Immortal 1 Boy
Daivat Luck, Powerful, Divinity, Heart of the gods 3 Boy
Danuj Born of danu, A danava 5 Boy
Dahak Powerful 7 Boy
Dakshak Able daughter 1 Boy
Divesh Lord of the gods 4 Boy
Danta Calm, A name of Lord Hanuman 4 Boy
Dishanth Horizon, Sky 11 Boy
Divansh Suns particle, Similar to Diwakar - suns Ansh 5 Boy
Divam Pure 22 Boy
Soumil Love to Meet different persons, A friend 8 Boy
Dishank Horizon 3 Boy
Divij Name of Lord Datta, Born in heaven, Came from heaven, Divine 9 Boy
Dishen Suryadev, The Sun 5 Boy
Somil Love to Meet different persons, A friend, Calm 5 Boy
Dakshya Cleverness, Honesty, Brilliance, Efficient 6 Boy
Darshil Something that looks good and sober, Perfection 8 Boy
Diganth Horizon 9 Boy
Sonaksh One golden eye 6 Boy
Dikshith Prepared, Initiated 7 Boy
Dishaan A species of gazelle, A thresher 11 Boy
Sohail Moon glow, Moonlight, Handsome 1 Boy
Soumili Good friend 8 Boy
Seshu Snake, Venkateswara 9 Boy
Dijul Innocent 2 Unisex
Sohil Beautiful 9 Boy
Digant Horizon 1 Boy
Sohel Moon glow, Moonlight, Handsome 5 Boy
Dirash Scholar 5 Boy
Sourav Divine, Celestial, The beautifulness 6 Boy
Daiwik By the grace of God, Divine, Relating to the gods 3 Boy
Somit From Sanskrit samit: someone who has got everything, Easy to get 22 Boy
Souvik Magician 7 Boy
Sohum The presence of divinity of each soul, I am him . every soul has a presence of God in it.god is within 22 Boy
Sethu The warrior, Sacred symbol 1 Boy
Soman The Moon 8 Boy
Sourik Ray of Sun; Love 3 Boy
Souren Of the Sun 11 Boy
Somansh Half Moon 8 Boy
Darshit Display, Signs 7 Boy
Soumith Son of King 6 Boy
Somak A king, Little Moon 5 Boy
Somali Moons Love, Loved by the Moon 6 Boy
Sohim Beautiful, Handsome 1 Boy
Somaiah It is a one of Lord shiva`s name 3 Boy
Divyansh Part of the God, Part of the divine light, Gods own divine 3 Boy
Sesu Snake, Venkateswara 1 Boy
Dipra Bright, Brilliant 3 Boy
Darsheel Something that looks good and sober, Perfection 9 Boy
Daskh God 7 Boy
Dabeet Warrior 1 Boy
Daivik By the grace of God, Divine, Relating to the gods 11 Boy
Darpad Lord Shiva, One who endows those who walk the path of righteousness with a sense of self-respect regarding their way of life 8 Boy
Dinesh The sun, day-lord 5 Boy
Daivya Divine, Heavenly, Wonderful 8 Boy
Seyon Lord Murugan 6 Boy
Dipanshu The Sun 11 Boy
Divyam Divine, Spiritual, Superhuman, Unique, Pure 11 Boy
Divyesh The Sun 11 Boy
Daman Rope, Taming, Self-controlled, Conquering, One who controls 6 Boy
Darshal Prayer of God 9 Boy
Daeven Little black one 6 Boy
Dahana A Rudra 2 Boy
Daivey Dearly loved 3 Boy
Darpan mirror 9 Boy
Dilip Every lighting in our face, King of the solar race, Defender, Protector, Big-hearted, A generous king 5 Boy
Darun Hard male Hindu 22 Boy
Darpit Our Reflection 5 Boy
Darshak Spectator 8 Boy
Darshish Contemplation, Examination 5 Boy
Datta One who is given 1 Boy
Divyank Pant of light 5 Boy
Divyang Divine body 1 Boy
Divyant Handsome 5 Boy
Dashan Ruler, every thing 2 Boy
Darpak Kamdev, God of lovepride, Another name for the Love God Kaama 6 Boy
Daruk Charioteer of Lord Krishna, Tree 1 Boy
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