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Indian Girl Names Having Meaning 'Prayer'

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Name Meaning Numerology Gender Fav
Isha Consort of Goddess Radha, Another name of Lord Ganesh, Without a superior; Another name for Lord Vishnu 1 Girl
Eesha Desire; Attractive 2 Girl
Sana Praise; Prayer; Art (Celebrity Name: Saurav Ganguly) 8 Girl
Eisha Desire; Attractive 6 Girl
Sanaa Praise; Prayer; Art 9 Girl
Dua Prayer 8 Girl
Duaa Prayer 9 Girl
Bhakti Devotion; Prayer 6 Girl
Pujita Prayer; Worshipped; Respected; A Goddess 5 Girl
Dhithi Thought; Idea; Prayer; Wisdom 4 Girl
Sanjali Hand clasped in prayer 3 Girl
Dhiti Thought; Idea; Prayer; Wisdom 5 Girl
Sarosh Name of an Angel who speaks; Prayer; Hearing; Inspiration; Auspicious messenger 8 Unisex
Yachana Entreaty; Prayer; Pleading 8 Girl
Bandana Salute; Bright star; Worship; Praise 1 Girl
Aarthi A way of offering prayer to God 3 Girl
Kirtan Name of Lord Murugan; Goddess Saraswati (Goddess of Education); Purifying; Fire 1 Girl
Ryka Born out of a hymn, Prayer 1 Girl
Minati Prayer 3 Girl
Ishaa Goddess Parvati; Purity; Gift from God; One who protects; Night prayer; Plough; Another name for Durga; Intellect; Power 2 Unisex
Vinanti Prayer; Request; Humility 8 Girl
Arthi A way of offering prayer to God 11 Girl
Vinanthi Prayer; Request; Humility 7 Girl
Vinati Prayer; Request; Humility 3 Girl
Dheeti Thought; Idea; Prayer; Wisdom 6 Girl
Mati The Moon; Thought; Prayer; Mind; Decision; Respect; Will decision; Intelligence; Memory 7 Girl
Yaachana Entreaty; Prayer 9 Girl
Pranati Namaste; Prayer 7 Girl
Prarthana Prayer 7 Girl
Poojita Prayer; Worshipped; Respected; A Goddess 5 Girl
Asis Blessing; Prayer; Benediction 3 Girl
Saanjali Hand clasped in prayer 22 Girl
Astuti Prayer 9 Girl
Bandna Prayer 9 Girl
Bhakthi Devotion; Prayer 5 Girl
Vandna Prayer 2 Girl
Vinathi Prayer; Request; Humility 11 Girl
Athira Prayer or quick or lightening; Pray 3 Girl
Subhanjali A pure prayer 7 Girl
Atira Prayer; Quick; Lightening; Pray; Name of a star 22 Girl
Pernita Answered prayer 11 Girl
Pranathi Namaste; Prayer 6 Girl
Pernitha Answered prayer 1 Girl
Gurbani Sikhs religious prayer 9 Girl
Anny Prayer 9 Girl
Aradhan Worship; Prayer; Pooja 11 Girl
Swarana Prayer of God 5 Girl
Ibtihal Prayer; Supplication 7 Girl
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