Indian Boy Names Having Meaning 'Holy'

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Name Meaning Numerology Gender Add to Fav
Aavish Ocean, Holy incarnation 6 Boy
Abdul Qudoos Servant of the most holy 5 Boy
Aidh Name of a reciter of the holy Quran 22 Boy
Akdas Holy, Pure 9 Boy
Al-Quddus The holy, The divine, The pure, The purifier 6 Boy
Aqdas Holy, Pure 6 Boy
Aswanth Victorious, Peepal tree, Holy tree, Buddha got wisdom under it 5 Boy
Aswantha Victorious, Peepal tree, Holy tree, Buddha got wisdom under it 6 Boy
Atambhu The holy Trinity 3 Boy
Avtaar Incarnate, Holy incarnation 9 Boy
Avtar Incarnate, Holy incarnation 8 Boy
Balagh Another name of holy Quran 22 Boy
Basair Another name of holy Quran, Good news, Good omens 5 Boy
Darvesh Lord of truth, Holy Man 5 Boy
Debabrata One who accepts all penances 9 Boy
Deval Name of a saint, Divine, Holy, Dedicated to the gods 8 Boy
Dharamsheel Holy 4 Boy
Dharmtat Holy one full of virtue 4 Boy
Ghazan Holy war fighter 3 Boy
Gurnirmal Holy like Guru 5 Boy
Gurteerath One for whom Guru is the holy place 6 Boy
Hadid The 57th surah of holy Quran, Iron, Eloquent 8 Boy
Hardharam Holy person abiding by God will 9 Boy
Harnirmal Holy like God 4 Boy
Harteerath Holy place of God 5 Boy
Hartirath Holy place of God 4 Boy
Jaisangat Victory of the holy person 1 Boy
Jihad Holy war 5 Boy
Kasi Devotional place, Pilgrimage spot, Varanasi, The holy city 4 Boy
Kausar 108th surah of the holy Quran, Reservoir in paradise 8 Boy
Keethan Holy song 1 Boy
Livpreet Love of adoration, Absorbed in gem of the holy word, Beloved 8 Boy
Maansar Holy words 22 Boy
Madyan Name of a holy place in saudi arabia where the prophet (Pbuh) used to visit 22 Boy
Mahanteerath Greatest holy place 6 Boy
Mantram Holy name, Lord Vishnu 8 Boy
Mantraraj Hymns, Holy chants 6 Boy
Mekka Name of a holy city 5 Boy
Naamteerath Holy place of naam 7 Boy
Nev Little saint, Little holy one, From the new town, Hero, Courageous 5 Boy
Nevaan Holy 3 Boy
Nirmalbir Holy and brave 6 Boy
Nirmalcheet Pure consciousness, One whose heart is holy 9 Boy
Nirmalchit Pure consciousness, One whose heart is holy 8 Boy
Nirmaldeep Holy lamp 7 Boy
Nirmaldharam Religious holy virtues 4 Boy
Nirmaljas Gods holy praises 7 Boy
Nirmaljeev Holy being 1 Boy
Nirmaljog Union with the holy one 9 Boy
Nirmalkaram One whose actions are holy 3 Boy
Nirmalsev Performing holy service 5 Boy
Nirmaltek Support of holy one 4 Boy
Nivaan Holy, Bound, Limited 7 Boy
Nivan Holy, Bound, Limited 6 Boy
Nyvan Holy, Bound, Limited 22 Boy
Ovi Holy message of marathi saint 1 Boy
Pavani Honey, Lord Hanuman, True, Holy 9 Boy
Pavitar A pure individual, Pure, Holy person 6 Boy
Pavitpal Protector of the holy person 7 Boy
Pir Mohammed Holy prophet 7 Boy
Prabhteerath One for whom God is the holy place 5 Boy
Prembans Belonging to the family of holy ones 7 Boy
Premsangat Lover of holy company 6 Boy
Puneet Pure or holy 9 Boy
Puneeth Pure or holy 8 Boy
Punit Pure or holy 8 Boy
Punith Pure or holy 7 Boy
Quddoos Most holy 5 Boy
Qudoos Most holy 1 Boy
Qudsi Holy, Sacred 7 Boy
Rattanjot One who is in Love of the diamond holy word 11 Boy
Rigesh Who sings the holy Rig Veda 3 Boy
Rony Holy name 9 Boy
Ruhul Qudus Spirit of the holy epithet 9 Boy
Sangat Associating with holy congregation, Union, Appropriate, Constant 8 Boy
Santjeet Saint, Holy person, Tranquility 22 Boy
Santjot Heroic holy one 9 Boy
Santokh Ray of holy light, Saints name 7 Boy
Satbachan The one abiding by the holy word 6 Boy
Shabad Deep Lamp, Light of the holy word 11 Boy
Shabadjog Union with holy word 4 Boy
Shabadleen Absorbed in the holy word 8 Boy
Shabadprakash Radiating the light of holy word 1 Boy
Shabadpreet Love of the holy world 9 Boy
Shabadraman One who delights in the holy word 1 Boy
Shabadrang Imbued by the holy word 3 Boy
Shabadras Enjoying elixir of the holy word 1 Boy
Shabadratan Having the gem of the holy word 8 Boy
Shabadtek Support of the holy word 8 Boy
Shamen Holy Man, Happy, Auspicious, Security, Wealthy 6 Boy
Subhadip Subhadip means something very holy 8 Boy
Subhan Praising Allah, Holy 2 Boy
Sukhsangat Delightful association with holy one 4 Boy
Sukhshabad Peace through the holy word 4 Boy
Taahir Pure, Chaste, Clean, Modest, Holy 3 Boy
Taheer Pure, Chaste, Clean, Modest, Holy 3 Boy
Taher Pure, Chaste, Clean, Modest, Holy 7 Boy
Tahir Pure, Chaste, Clean, Modest, Holy 11 Boy
Tapesh The holy Trinity 6 Boy
Teerth Holy place, Sacred water, Place of pilgrimage 4 Boy
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