Most Popular Indian Hindu Boy Names Of 2014

100 Top 100 Boy Names - 2014
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Name Meaning Numerology Gender Fav
Aaranay Beginning; Starter 7 Boy-E
Aarav Peaceful; Sound; Shout 7 Boy-E
Abhinav Innovative; Young; Modern; Fresh; Novel; A Sakta notable for his great learning and spiritual attainment; New 3 Boy-E
Ahaan Dawn, Sunrise, Morning glory, First ray of light; One who is of the nature of time itself 7 Boy-E
Aksh Divider 3 Boy-E
Anmol Priceless; Invaluable; Precious 1 Boy-E
Arin Full of joy; Mountain strength; Ireland; Peace; Sunray 6 Boy-E
Avi The Sun and air 5 Boy-E
Bhaumik Lord of the Earth; Landowner; Attached to the Earth 11 Boy-E
Darshil Something that looks good and sober; Perfection 8 Boy-E
Devansh Part of God; Eternal part of God; Demigod 1 Boy-E
Divam Pure 22 Boy-E
Diyan Bright light 8 Boy-E
Eashan Lord Shiva; Sovereign; A Rudra; Name of Sun 3 Boy-E
Ehan Expected 1 Boy-E
Ekansh Whole; One; Complete 22 Boy-E
Gahan Depth; Profound 22 Boy-E
Haan Sun 6 Unisex-E
Heer Powerful; Power; Diamond; Darkness 9 Boy-E
Het Love 6 Boy-E
Hetvik Lord Siva 3 Boy-E
Hiyansh Part of the heart 3 Boy-E
Hrihan Gods have chosen one; Lord Vishnu; Destroyer of enemies 4 Boy-E
Hriyaan Wealth 4 Boy-E
Inesh A strong king 1 Boy-E
Ishaan Lord Shiva; The Sun; Vishnu; Agni and Surya; Ruler; Generous; Causing prosperity 7 Boy-E
Ivaan God's gracious and glorious gift; The Sun; Ruler; Royal 2 Boy-E
Jalpan To eat; Drink something 9 Boy-E
Javin Swift; Fast; Horse; Deer 2 Boy-E
Jenil Victorious God Swaminarayan; Victory of blue 5 Unisex-E
Kahaan The world; Lord Krishna; Universe 9 Boy-E
Kalpit Imagined; Creative; Appropriate; Exact; Invented 6 Boy-E
Karv Love; Desire 7 Boy-E
Kavan Water; Poem 4 Boy-E
Kiaan The grace of God; Ancient or distant 9 Boy-E
Krishav Lord Krishna and Lord Shiva 7 Boy-E
Laksh Aim; Target; Goal; Sign 6 Boy-E
Lavin Fragrance; Lord Ganesh 22 Boy-E
Mahee Expert; Lord Vishnu 5 Boy-E
Manav Man; Youth; Relating to Manu; Humankind; Human being; Pearl; Treasure human being 6 Boy-E
Milind Honeybee 7 Boy-E
Moksh Mukti; Emancipation; Liberation; Salvation; Another name for mount Meru 3 Boy-E
Nachiket Son of vajashravas 8 Boy-E
Naeem Comfort; Tranquility; Ease 2 Boy-E
Naitvik 5 Boy-E
Naman Salutation; Bowing; To pay homage 7 Boy-E
Narin Delicate 11 Unisex-E
Naval Wonder; New; Modern 5 Boy-E
Nevaan Holy 3 Boy-E
Nirbhik Fearless 8 Boy-E
Nischay Decision; Confirmed 7 Boy-E
Param The best; Pre-eminent 22 Boy-E
Parin Another name of Lord Ganesh 4 Boy-E
Pinank Lord Shiva name 11 Boy-E
Praneel Lord Shiva; Life giving 8 Boy-E
Prem Love 7 Boy-E
Prit Love 9 Boy-E
Priyansh Lovable part of someone 11 Boy-E
Raahil One who shows the way; Traveler; Path guider 4 Boy-E
Rachit Invention 5 Boy-E
Ranveer Hero of the battle; Winner 11 Boy-E
Rehan Fragrant one; Sweet scented; King; Star 1 Boy-E
Reyaan Fame 1 Boy-E
Reyansh First ray of sunlight; Lord Vishnu's Ansh (Ansh = part) 9 Boy-E
Rian Little king; Kingly 6 Boy-E
Ronit Embellishment; To be charming; Song; Tune 4 Boy-E
Rubin Bright 1 Boy-E
Sahil Seashore; Guide; Shore; Bank 22 Boy-E
Sajal Clouds; Moist; Tearful; Containing water 7 Boy-E
Samar Accompanied by the eternal God; Fruit; Outcome; Possession; Conflict; Son 7 Boy-E
Sanket Signal; Goal; Stipulation; Agreement; Indication; Sign 7 Boy-E
Shaan Pride; Peaceful 7 Boy-E
Shlok Hymns of Lord, Verse, Hindu Mantra or verse of praise 2 Boy-E
Shrey Credit; Marvelous 3 Boy-E
Shubham Good; Auspicious 9 Boy-E
Shuchit A person with a sound mind; Sensible; Intelligent; Informed; Pure; Focussed; Another name for Brahma 7 Boy-E
Shushant Very silent 11 Boy-E
Somil Love to meet different persons; A friend; Calm 5 Boy-E
Sparsh Touch 9 Boy-E
Swapnil Seen in a dream; Dreamy 4 Boy-E
Swarnim The shining of gold 7 Boy-E
Swastik Auspicious 3 Boy-E
Tanuj Son 3 Boy-E
Tilak A spot of vermilion; Sandal wood paste on the forehead, auspicious ritualistic mark applied on the forehead; A flowering tree 8 Boy-E
Udit Grown; Awakened; Shining 9 Boy-E
Ujjwal Bright 5 Boy-E
Urvang Mountain; Ocean; Substantial 11 Boy-E
Utkarsh Prosperity or awakening or high quality; Advancement - to rise 8 Boy-E
Vahin Lord Shiva; Vahin 9 Boy-E
Vaibhav Richness; Power; Eminence 11 Boy-E
Vaidik Related to Veda 11 Boy-E
Vedansh Part of Veda 1 Boy-E
Vihaan Morning; Dawn 1 Boy-E
Viraj Most significant in the universe, The Sun or the king, Resplendent, Splendor, Ruler, Beauty, Brilliant, Excellence, Majesty, Another name for Agni and Buddha, Pure 6 Boy-E
Vishvesh Lord of the world; Lord of the universe; Universally desired; Another name for Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva 4 Boy-E
Vivaan Lord Krishna; Full of life; Rays of the morning Sun 6 Boy-E
Viyan Artist; Special knowledge 8 Boy-E
Yagnesh Religious leader 7 Boy-E
Yagnik A person who performs Yagna / Pooja; Age of Nation 4 Boy-E
Yaksh A representative of God, a type of a demi God; Protector of forests; Speedy 1 Boy-E
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