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Similar names for Zubayr

Name Meaning Numerology
saabir Patient; Tolerant 5
sabar Nectar; Distinguished 5
sabari A tribal devotee of Lord Rama; One who lives in Sabari hill; Lord Ayyappa 5
sabbar Extremely patient 7
sabbir Pious; Beautiful; Patient 6
sabeer Patient; Tolerant 5
sabir Patient; Tolerant 22
saboor Patient; Tolerant; Forbearing; Preserving 7
sabooree Winner of every thing 8
sabour Patient 22
sabr Patience 4
sabur Patient; Tolerant; Forbearing; Preserving 7
saburah A narrator of Hadith 7
saburi Compassion 7
subbarao Auspicious 7
subeer A courageous; Brave warrior 7
subhra White; The Ganga; Attractive; Brilliant; Heaven; Another name for the river Ganges 6
subir Courageous; Brave warrior 6
supriyo Everyones liking 6
zabir Consoler; Comforter; The person who have religious 11
zubair Counsels; Brings together 5
zubayr Counsels; Brings together 3

Variant names for name Zubayr

Name Numerology
zubair 5