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Similar names for Samien

Name Meaning Numerology
saman Jasmine; Soothing; Purifying; Hymn; Prosperous; Universal plentiful 3
samanya The unknown one 2
samanyu Lord Shiva; Having the same splendor; Epithet of Shiva; Feeling the same energy or anger 22
sameen Precious; Invaluable; Happy; Self-disciplined 3
samen Precious; Invaluable; Happy; Self-disciplined 7
samien To be heard 7
samin Precious; Invaluable; Happy; Self-disciplined 2
samman Grocer 7
samoon 5
smayan Smile 1
smyan Smile 9
soman The Moon 8
somen Moon or Lord Indra; Must by joy 3
soumen Moon or Lord Indra; Must by joy 6
sumanyu Heaven 6
sumon Calm 1
suyamun Lord Vishnu; Who is attended by the people dwelling on the banks of Yamuna 6
zaman Time; Destiny 1
zamin Another name for God; Biased; Security 9
zaminah Surety 9