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42 Girl Names Found For Meaning Having 'Rose'
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Name Meaning Numerology Gender Fav
Yasna To pray; White rose 6 Girl-E
Yashna To pray; White rose 5 Girl-E
Wardah Rose 1 Girl-E
Vardah Rose 9 Girl-E
Souri Red rose 1 Girl-E
Shanze Rose 1 Girl-E
Sevati White rose 22 Girl-E
Semanti Parting line; A white rose 9 Girl-E
Seemanti Parting line; A white rose 5 Girl-E
Ruza Rose 3 Girl-E
Rubaba Rose 9 Girl-E
Rozmin Rose flower 5 Girl-E
Roshine Rose 7 Girl-E
Rosa Rose 8 Girl-E
Rojitha Rose 9 Girl-E
Rikisha Rose 3 Girl-E
Ramisa White rose 7 Girl-E
Ramidha White rose 9 Girl-E
Raizel Rose 8 Girl-E
Raihana The fragrance of a rose 7 Girl-E
Oyshee Divine; Rose 5 Girl-E
Oishi Divine; Rose 6 Girl-E
Oeshi Divine; Rose 11 Girl-E
Nazreen Wild rose; Blue scented flower 11 Girl-E
Nasrin Wild rose; Blue scented flower 3 Girl-E
Mawar Rose 2 Girl-E
Loxi A rose with pink stem; Sweet 6 Girl-E
Loshana Combination of Rose and Anna 7 Girl-E
Laksha White Rose; Rose; A decorative red dye used by women of ancient India 7 Girl-E
Kopal A rose bud (Gulab ki Kali) 1 Girl-E
Kaksha White rose 6 Girl-E
Humra Beautiful; Rose 7 Girl-E
Gulistan Rose garden; Garden 4 Girl-E
Gulbano Princess of flowers 9 Girl-E
Gulbagh Rose garden; Paradise 4 Girl-E
Gul Barg Rose petal 5 Girl-E
Gul Bahar Rose Spring 7 Girl-E
Gul Badan Beautiful body resembling a Rose 8 Girl-E
Filza Light; Rose from heaven 9 Girl-E
Abeerah Rose; Sandal saffron mixed in a fragrance 4 Girl-E
Abeera The mixture of the smell of the petals of rose and sandal; Strong; Brave 5 Girl-E
Abal Wild rose 7 Girl-E