Indian Girl Names Having Meaning 'Natural Elements'

34 Girl Names Found For Meaning Having 'Natural Elements'
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Name Meaning Numerology Gender Fav
Akruthi Nature or beautiful; Figure 7 Girl-E
Anuka Attuned to nature 3 Girl-E
Brijabala Daughter of nature 11 Girl-E
Fiza Breeze; Nature; Silver; Pure; Developed; Grown 6 Girl-E
Fizza Breeze; Nature; Silver; Pure; Developed; Grown 5 Girl-E
Fizzah Breeze; Nature; Silver; Pure; Developed; Grown 4 Girl-E
Jibla Nature; Natural disposition 7 Girl-E
Krishitha Symbolizing prosperity and nature 4 Girl-E
Kudrat Power; Might; Strength; Nature; Pure; Clean; Queen 3 Girl-E
Mehreen Loving nature 5 Girl-E
Nesara Nature 22 Girl-E
Nidhika Giving nature; Principle; Treasure; Wealth ocean 11 Girl-E
Nisarga Nature 6 Girl-E
Pavishka Nature 6 Girl-E
Prakrithi Nature; Beautiful; Weather 11 Girl-E
Prakrthi Nature; Goddess Lakshmi 11 Girl-E
Prakruthi Nature; Beautiful; Weather 5 Girl-E
Prakruti Nature; Beautiful; Weather 6 Girl-E
Saarika Morning; Goddess of sound; Dawn; Early morning 6 Girl-E
Saraksha Happy; Versatile; Expressive nature 6 Girl-E
Sarika Koel or Cuckoo or a thing of beauty or nature; Princess; The Mynah bird; Beauty; Friend; Another name for Durga; Melodious; Flute 5 Girl-E
Sarwana Of generous and good nature 5 Girl-E
Shamila All comprehensive; Complete; Peacemaker 9 Girl-E
Shrishti Universe; Nature; World 11 Girl-E
Shrushti Universe; Nature; World 5 Girl-E
Snighda Soft nature 8 Girl-E
Srishty Creation; Nature or Earth 1 Girl-E
Srushti Creation; Nature or Earth 6 Girl-E
Tazmeen One having good qualities; Nature & habits 3 Girl-E
Vapusha Beautiful; Embodied; Nature; An Apsara 7 Girl-E
Vati Nature 7 Girl-E
Vritee Nature; Behavior 7 Girl-E
Vritti Nature; Behavior 8 Girl-E
Yakshali God Yaksha, Caretakers of nature 5 Girl-E
Showing 1 - 34 of 34