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28 Girl Names Found For Meaning Having 'Lovable'
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Name Meaning Numerology Gender Fav
Haith Who wants good for every one; Lovable 1 Girl-E
Hita Who wants good for everyone; Lovable 2 Girl-E
Hitha Who wants good for every one; Lovable 1 Girl-E
Juni Lovable 9 Girl-E
Lavi Lovable 8 Girl-E
Mamon Lovable 2 Girl-E
Rambha A celestial dancer; Lovable; Pleasing; Pleasant; Support; An Apsara 7 Girl-E
Soni Preety women; Lovable; With golden beauty; One of the complexions of red Lotus 3 Girl-E
Kamya Beautiful; Lovable; Assiduous; Successful 6 Girl-E
Venya Stream; Beloved; Desirable 22 Girl-E
Aashika One without sorrow; Mercury; Sweetheart; Beloved 5 Girl-E
Chaheti Lovely; Lovable for all 9 Girl-E
Devisha Peace; Intelligent; Lovable; Preety 5 Girl-E
Eilin Champion; Lovable 4 Girl-E
Kaamya Beautiful; Lovable; Assiduous; Successful 7 Girl-E
Rangati Lovable; Passionate; A musical raag 7 Girl-E
Recika Protector of all Gods; Connoisseur; Discerning; Elegant; Beautiful; Passionate 11 Girl-E
Riyanka Beautiful; Lovable; Symbol 7 Girl-E
Alshafa Good; Homely; Sweet; Lovable; Trustable 3 Girl-E
Priyanka Beautiful; Lovable act; Symbol; Body 5 Girl-E
Priyanshi Lovable; Dear; Loving 11 Girl-E
Priyansi Lovable; Dear; Loving 3 Girl-E
Smeeral To remember; Precious; Lovable person 1 Girl-E
Smiral To remember; Precious; Lovable person 9 Girl-E
Ezrine Lovable 5 Girl-E
Jodhpreet Lovable brave 11 Girl-E
Kanimozhi Lovable 7 Girl-E
Priyavadhana Lovable face 3 Girl-E