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Easy To Pronounce Hindu Baby Boy Names Starting With U

41 Hindu Boy Names Starting With 'U' Found
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Name Meaning Numerology Gender Fav
Ubhay 3 Boy
Uchit Correct 7 Boy
Uchith Correct 6 Boy
Udai To rise; Blue Lotus 8 Boy
Udanda Nemesis of evils and vices 9 Boy
Udant Correct message 6 Boy
Udanth Correct message 5 Boy
Udar Generous 8 Boy
Uday To rise; Blue Lotus 6 Boy
Udeep Giving light; Flood 6 Boy
Udesh Flood 3 Boy
Udey Rising to fame and honor 1 Boy
Udhav A sacrificial fire; Friend of Lord Krishna 2 Boy
Udhay To rise; Blue Lotus 5 Boy
Udhaya Dawn 6 Boy
Udhey Rising to fame and honor 9 Boy
Udit Grown; Awakened; Shining 9 Boy
Ugam Rising; Place of origin; Source; Beginning; Ascending 6 Boy
Ugan Constisting of extended troops; Army 7 Boy
Ujala One who radiates the light; Bright 9 Boy
Ujas Bright; Light before dawn 6 Boy
Ujay Victorious; Archer 3 Boy
Ujesh One who gives light; Conquering 9 Boy
Umal Garland of rays 11 Boy
Umang Enthusiasm; Joy; Zeal; Aspiration; Ambition; Limed; Hope desire; Trust; Greed 2 Boy
Umanga Enthusiasm 3 Boy
Umay Goddess Parvati 6 Boy
Umed Hope; Expectation; Wish; Desire; Trust; Greed 7 Boy
Umesh Lord Shiva, Lord of Uma 3 Boy
Unabh Elevated; Eminent; Ruler 1 Boy
Upal Stone; Rock; Jewel; Sugar 5 Boy
Upam First; Highest; Best; Next 6 Boy
Upang The act of anointing 5 Boy
Upanshu Chanting of hymns; Mantras in a low tone; A murmured prayer 1 Boy
Upeksh To neglect; To expect patiently; To disregard 8 Boy
Upol generous, sympathetic, and loyal in friendships 1 Boy
Ushangu Lord Shiva; One who gets up at dawn; An epithet of Shiva; Wishing; Desiring 1 Boy
Ushij Zealous; Born of desire; Energetic; Pleasant; Desirous; Fire; Ghee 22 Boy
Ushik An early riser; Dawn worshipper 5 Boy
Utanka A disciple of sage Veda 5 Boy
Uthira Nakshatra 5 Boy