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Name Meaning Numerology Gender Fav
Amadhya Affectionate; Kind 8 Boy
Dayaal Kind hearted 8 Boy
Deendayal One who has mercy for poor; Kind to the poor 8 Boy
Kareem Generous; Noble; Friendly; Precious and distinguished; Kind 8 Boy
Karin Purity; To achieve; Celebrating; Happy 8 Boy
Abdul Lateef Servant of the kind; All-gentle (Allah) 8 Boy
Meharban Merciful and kind 8 Boy
Mukundhan Lord Krishna; Giver of liberation; Name of Vishnu or Krishna; A kind of precious stone; Name of Shiva 8 Boy
Ar-Ra'Ûf The most kind; The clement 8 Boy
Rafee Kind friend; Noble; Eminent 8 Boy
Ruhan Kind hearted; Spiritual 8 Boy
Sudhith Kind; Benevolent; Like nectar 8 Boy
Sukrit Good deed; Devout; Kind; Auspicious; Worthy; Wise 8 Boy
Wahab Kind hearted 8 Boy