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86 Boy Names Found For Meaning Having 'Flower'
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Name Meaning Numerology Gender Fav
Nauman Men with all blessings of Allah 1 Boy-E
Pushpaj Born from a flower; Nectar 1 Boy-E
Puspa Flower 1 Boy-E
Rowel Flower 1 Boy-E
Sai Saran Flower 1 Boy-E
Sharol Name of Flower 1 Boy-E
Shimul Name of a flower 1 Boy-E
Shireesh A flower; Rain tree 1 Boy-E
Srish Flower 1 Boy-E
Bakool Flower; Clever; Patient; Circumspect; Attentive; Another name for Shiva 2 Boy-E
Iraj Lord Hanuman; Flower; Born of the primal waters; Another name for the Love God Kaama 2 Boy-E
Neelaj The lotus flower 2 Boy-E
Daudi A flower 3 Boy-E
Kamalpreet Lover of medicine flower 3 Boy-E
Ketak Flower; Flag; a Gold ornament for the hair 3 Boy-E
Kinshuk A flower 3 Boy-E
Maharanth Pollen inside a flower 3 Boy-E
Mehdi A flower 3 Boy-E
Parijat Divine tree; A celestial flower 3 Boy-E
Priyangu It means one who is loving and charming; Its actually a flower which has medicinal values 3 Boy-E
Pushpakar The spring season (Vasant); Flower season 3 Boy-E
Sai Kumar Flower 3 Boy-E
Sai Roop Flower 3 Boy-E
Sooryakanth Effulgent like Sun; A kind of flower 3 Boy-E
Sreesha Name of Lord Ganesh; Flower 3 Boy-E
Sriniketan Lord Vishnu; Abode of beauty; Lotus flower; Abode of Lakshmi; Epithet of Vishnu 3 Boy-E
Suryakanth Effulgent like Sun; A kind of flower 3 Boy-E
Zafran Gold stigma of a flower; Derived from Zarparan 3 Boy-E
Faghir Name of a flower 4 Boy-E
Gul Zar Rose garden; Inhabited town; Flourishing 4 Boy-E
Jasminpreet Love of flower 4 Boy-E
Juhith Brightness; Jasmine flower 4 Boy-E
Nasreen Wild rose; Blue scented flower 4 Boy-E
Parijaat Divine tree; A celestial flower 4 Boy-E
Pushpinder God of flower 4 Boy-E
Sai Sarvesh Flower 4 Boy-E
Sai Sree Flower 4 Boy-E
Vakul Flower; Clever; Patient; Circumspect; Attentive; Another name for Shiva 4 Boy-E
Zar Gul Gold flower 4 Boy-E
Akhtar Star; Flower; Good man 5 Boy-E
Janat Gul Paradise flower 5 Boy-E
Juhit Brightness; Jasmine flower 5 Boy-E
Pushpendra Flower 5 Boy-E
Rajasuy Lotus flower 5 Boy-E
Saharu Flower 5 Boy-E
Chitrabhanu Crown flower plant; Fire 6 Boy-E
Dolon Scent of a beautiful white flower 6 Boy-E
Kusumit A flower blooming 6 Boy-E
Mandar A flower; Heavenly; Large; Firm; Slow 6 Boy-E
Paramkamal Supreme lotus flower 6 Boy-E
Parigol Fairy like flower 6 Boy-E
Parijatapa Harakaya One who removes the Parijath flower 6 Boy-E
Raihan Sweet Basil; Favored by God; Heavens flower 6 Boy-E
Sreeniketh Lotus flower 6 Boy-E
Jasminjeet Victory of flower 7 Boy-E
Niraj Lotus flower; Pure; Free from attachment 7 Boy-E
Palashkusum The flower of Palash 7 Boy-E
Phulwant Full of flower fragrance 7 Boy-E
Sai Suria Flower 7 Boy-E
Sumana Sri Flower; Kind hearted 7 Boy-E
Arnit Beautiful flower 8 Boy-E
Babrak Little Basilica flower 8 Boy-E
Champak A flower 8 Boy-E
Jafri Yellow flower 8 Boy-E
Jasmine Name of a flowering plant; Fragrant 8 Boy-E
Meerab Paradise flower 8 Boy-E
Neeraj Lotus flower; To illuminate; Irradiate 8 Boy-E
Pankaj Lotus flower; Another name for Brahma 8 Boy-E
Prasoon Flower; Blossom 8 Boy-E
Prasun Flower; Blossom 8 Boy-E
Pushp Flower; Fragrance; Topaz 8 Boy-E
Sai Deepak Flower 8 Boy-E
Sai Karthik Flower 8 Boy-E
Sumandeep Flower 8 Boy-E
Amlankusum Unfading flower 9 Boy-E
Gul Hasham Flower name 9 Boy-E
Jyothishkar A kind of flower 9 Boy-E
Pushpender Lord of flower 9 Boy-E
Sai Anand Flower 9 Boy-E
Shirish A flower; Rain tree 9 Boy-E
Bakul Flower; Clever; Patient; Circumspect; Attentive; Another name for Shiva 11 Boy-E
Malaravan Gentle like flower 11 Boy-E
Prabhkamal Flower of God 11 Boy-E
Sai A female friend; A flower 11 Boy-E
Sai Charan Flower; Sais' feet 11 Boy-E
Saicharan Flower; Sais' feet 11 Boy-E