Bengali Baby Unisex Names Starting With Ve

7 Bengali Unisex Names Starting With 'Ve' Found
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Name Meaning Numerology Gender Fav
Veeraj (বিরাজ) Most significant in the universe, The Sun or the king, Resplendent, Splendor, Ruler, Beauty, Brilliant, Excellence, Majesty, Another name for Agni and Buddha, Pure 7 Unisex-E
Vedya (বিদ্যা) Celebrated; Knowledge; What is to be known; Famous 3 Unisex-E
Vedi (বেদী) Science; Knowledge; Another name of Sarasvatee; Learned; Teacher 22 Unisex-E
Vedanta (বেদাংত) The term Veda means knowledge and anta means the end, and originally referred to the Upanishads 22 Unisex-E
Veda Sri (বেদা শ্রী) Knowledge or wisdom 6 Unisex-E
Veda Sree (বেদা শ্রী) Knowledge or wisdom 7 Unisex-E
Veda (বেদা) Pious; Writing of the Aryans; Devout; Celebrated; Worthy 5 Unisex-E
Showing 1 - 7 of 7
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