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Daughter of Cyprus (Daughter of cyprus) Suggest meaning
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Similar names for Sabria

Name Meaning Numerology
Saabira Patient; Tolerant 6
Sabburah Very patient; Enduring 9
Sabeera Patient; Tolerant 6
Sabira Patient; Tolerant 5
Sabirah Patient; Perseverant 4
Sabri Daughter of Cyprus 22
Sabria Daughter of Cyprus 5
Sabriya Patient; Fem of Sabri 3
Sabriyah The right thing to do; Lucky hand 11
Sabriyya Patience 1
Sabura Very patient; Enduring 8
Supriya Beloved; Self-loving; Beautiful; Loved; An Apsara or celestial 1
Swapriya Beloved; Self love; Beautiful; Loved; An Apsara or celestial 4
Zeb Ara Beauty 8
Zebara Beauty 8
Zubaria Blooming flower 6
Zuber Brave warrior 9

Variant names for name Sabria

Name Numerology
Sabria 5