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Karka Rashi Names For Boy

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Name Meaning Numerology Gender Add to Fav
Hari The Sun, Man, Green, Light, Moon, Another name for Indra, Brahma Vishnu and Shiva 9 Boy
Harsh Joy, Excitement, Happiness 9 Boy
Haan Sun 6 Unisex
Hanish Lord Shiva, Ambition 5 Boy
Hitesh Lord of goodness, Lord venkateswara 6 Boy
Het Love 6 Boy
Heet Love 2 Boy
Hani Happy, Delighted, Content, Pleasant 5 Boy
Hara Remover of sins 1 Boy
Hem Gold 8 Boy
Heer Powerful, Power, Diamond, Darkness 9 Boy
Hrisha Lord Vishnu, Saintly 9 Unisex
Harshu Deer 3 Boy
Hemu Gold 2 Boy
Hanshit Like Honey 7 Boy
Hrishi Pleasure, Sage, Ray of light, Wise, Pious, Light 8 Boy
Himi Famous, Renowned 3 Boy
Harsha Joy, Delight, Happiness, Excitement 1 Unisex
Henil Foamy 3 Boy
Hemant Gold or Lord Buddha, Early winter 7 Boy
Haresh Lord Shiva, Shiva, Lord Har 5 Boy
Harshil Joyful, Kings of the hills, Kind hearted a sweet, Delighted 3 Boy
Havish Lord Shiva, Sacrifice, One who gives offerings to God 4 Boy
Haarith Plowman, Green, Ploughman, Cultivator 11 Boy
Hemanshu The Moon 8 Boy
Hiren Lord of the diamonds 9 Boy
Hansik Swan 8 Boy
Hrithik From the heart, Stream 11 Boy
Haard Hearts feeling, Main, Meaning 5 Boy
Hemal Golden 3 Unisex
Hetal Friendly 1 Unisex
Harshal Delighted, A lover, Joyful, Glad 4 Boy
Happy Happy 3 Boy
Haran Lord Shiva, Hara means the one who destroys i.e.. who does harana. Lord Shiva is called Hara because he is the destroyer of world, Sins, Evils etc 6 Boy
Hetaksh Existence of Love 9 Boy
Hanshal God is gracious, Swan like 9 Boy
Hetansh Rising Sun; Well Wisher 3 Boy
Hans Swan, Mountain, Pure, Another name of Surya Soul, Brahman or the Supreme Soul 6 Boy
Himansh Part of Shiv 9 Boy
Hameer Very rich king, A Raga 5 Boy
Hitansh Hitansh is the wish for our happiness and favorable 7 Boy
Hamir Very rich king, A Raga 4 Boy
Harin Pure 5 Boy
Hriday Heart 11 Boy
Herish Lord Shiva, Lord Krishna, The person who feels that what he is doing is actually gods wish 4 Boy
Himank Diamond 11 Boy
Hiten The heart 11 Boy
Hemang One with shining body 3 Boy
Harit Plowman, Green, Ploughman, Cultivator 11 Boy
Har Name of Lord Shiva 9 Boy
Hitanshu Well wisher 1 Boy
Hard Hearts feeling, Main, Meaning 22 Boy
Hanu Lord Hanuman, Cheek 8 Boy
Hetav Gives Love 2 Boy
Hemil Hem means gold 11 Boy
Hemank Diamond 7 Boy
Hansin The universal soul, Containing brahman or the supreme soul, Another name for Krishna 11 Boy
Heemal Ice, Snow mountain 8 Unisex
Hemish Lord of the earth 8 Boy
Hansal God is gracious, Swan like 1 Boy
Hridik Lord of the heart, Beloved, Genuine 5 Boy
Herin Horse-lord 9 Boy
Hardik Affectionate, Heartfelt, Cordial 6 Boy
Homesh The God of Havan 5 Boy
Harsit Joyous, Cheerful, Happy 3 Boy
Harshul Deer, Funny, Cheerful, Gregarious, Buddha lover 6 Boy
Hriyan Wealth 3 Boy
Hritish Lord of heart 1 Boy
Hetshree Love of God 7 Boy
Hruthik Name of An old sage, Lord of heart 5 Boy
Harry Army Man 7 Boy
Himesh King of snow 8 Boy
Harshat Happiness 3 Boy
Hemanth Gold or Lord Buddha, Early winter 6 Boy
Hirav Means greenery. the lush greenery on the surface of the earth 4 Boy
Henith Tiger 1 Boy
Hemin Canoe Man 4 Boy
Heeran Lord of the diamonds, Immortal 6 Boy
Hishal Gifted 3 Boy
Hasith Laughing, Happy, Delightful 11 Boy
Heeram Its biblical name 5 Boy
Hitaish Well wisher, Good person, Faith 11 Boy
Hiresh King of gems 4 Boy
Hinesh King of Henna 9 Boy
Hashan Laughter, Chandra (Moon), Beautiful, Handsome, Grandson of prophet Mohammed 6 Boy
Hrutesh Lord of truth, Lord of springs 9 Boy
Harish Lord Shiva, Shiva and Vishnu conjoined 9 Boy
Hrudya Heart 5 Boy
Hrikin Powerful, Glory 6 Boy
Hakesh Lord of sound 7 Boy
Heeva Ultimate 5 Boy
Hital Friendly 5 Boy
Harshim Pagal, Over smart 4 Boy
Hrudhai Heart 6 Boy
Hardhik Affectionate, Heartfelt, Cordial 5 Boy
Hetvik Lord Siva 3 Boy
Hridaan Gift of heart, Preference of heart, Who is great heart 1 Boy
Himanshu The Moon 3 Boy
Harikesh Lord Krishna, Yellow haired, An epithet of Shiva, Name of one of the seven principal rays of the Sun, Another name for Vishnu 7 Boy
Hanvesh Very soft mind 5 Boy
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