Indian Girl Names Having Meaning 'Heaven'

Total 56 Girl Names Found For Meaning Having 'Heaven'    
Name Meaning Numerology Gender Add to Fav
Aleena Beautiful, Silk of heaven 2 Girl
Alesha Protected by God, Silk of heaven 1 Girl
Alina Beautiful, Silk of heaven 1 Girl
Alisha Protected by God, Silk of heaven 5 Girl
Aolani Cloud from heaven 7 Girl
Araceli Gate of heaven 4 Girl
Aziman Sky, Heaven 1 Girl
Bhuvainika Heaven 8 Girl
Bhuvi Heaven 8 Girl
Bhuvika Heaven 11 Girl
Brihati Speech, Powerful, Heaven and earth 4 Girl
Divija Born in heaven, Divine 1 Girl
Divyarani Heaven queen 4 Girl
Eiram Heaven 1 Girl
Faiha Fragrant from heaven 7 Girl
Filza Light, Rose from heaven 9 Girl
Firdaws Paradise, Heaven, Garden 8 Girl
Harminder God of heaven 9 Girl
Harshiya Heaven 8 Girl
Hooria Angel of heaven 3 Girl
Hooriyah Hoor of heaven, A Houri, Virgin of paradise 9 Girl
Huriyah Hoor of heaven, A Houri, Virgin of paradise 7 Girl
Irem A garden in heaven 9 Girl
Irum A garden in heaven 7 Girl
Janaan Heart or soul, Paradise, Heaven 5 Girl
Jannah Heaven, Paradise 3 Girl
Jannat Heaven, God is gracious 6 Girl
Jannath Heaven, God is gracious 5 Girl
Jenna Heaven, Paradise 8 Girl
Junnut Heaven 1 Girl
Khuld Paradise, Heaven, Eternal 2 Girl
Kulwinder Hero of the family, The great warrior 9 Girl
Kyvalya God name, Heaven 7 Girl
Lokavya One who deserves heaven, Virtuous 6 Girl
Maahi River, Great earth, Heaven and earth conjoined, The number one 5 Girl
Mahi River, Great earth, Heaven and earth conjoined, The number one 22 Girl
Mayeda The fruits of heaven, The cloth on which you eat in heaven, The surah Mayeda in the Quran 22 Girl
Menaal Special flower of heaven 1 Girl
Nevaeh Heaven, Peace, Angels 1 Girl
Paajas Goddess Laxmi, Firmness, Vigor, Strength, Glitter, Sheen, Brightness, Heaven and earth 3 Girl
Prinaka Girl who brings heaven to earth 7 Girl
Ramzeela Flower in heaven 9 Girl
Rayann Its the door of heaven that opens in the month of ramadhan 1 Girl
Sundas Dress of heaven 6 Girl
Sundus A fine silk which is used for clothing in heaven 8 Girl
Surani River in heaven 1 Girl
Swardhuni It means the river Dhuni of heaven swar for swarg. these two words combine to form Swardhuni 9 Girl
Tasneam Water in heaven 1 Girl
Tasneem A river in heaven, A Spring in paradise 5 Girl
Tasnim A river in heaven, A Spring in paradise 22 Girl
Tavisha Heaven, Strong, Brave, Vigorous, Divine 8 Girl
Tridiva Heaven 11 Girl
Trishalana A river in heaven 4 Girl
Veeha Heaven, Peace 5 Girl
Yahva Heaven and earth, Flowing water 3 Girl
Yahvi Heaven, Earth, The union of heaven and earth 11 Girl
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