Indian Girl Names Having Meaning 'Diamond'

Total 19 Girl Names Found For Meaning Having 'Diamond'
Name Meaning Numerology Gender Fav
Almaas A diamond 11 Girl
Almas A diamond 1 Girl
Asmiya Diamond 5 Girl
Bajra Firm; Hard; Powerful; Another name of Goddess Durga; Thunderbolt; Diamond 5 Girl
Caara Friend; Dear 6 Girl
Devoshri The diamond of Kohinoor 1 Girl
Gohar Diamond; Precious stone 4 Unisex
Heera Diamond; Queen of Gods 1 Girl
Heerkani Small diamond 8 Girl
Hera Diamond; Queen of Gods 5 Girl
Hir Powerful; Power; Diamond; Darkness 8 Girl
Hira Powerful; Power; Diamond; Darkness 9 Girl
Hirkani Small diamond 7 Girl
Hirwa One of the four Vedas; Blessing 5 Girl
Maniratna Diamond 1 Girl
Mas For Almas; Diamond 6 Girl
Shamoodah Diamond 3 Girl
Valika Diamond; Creeper; Greenery; The Earth 2 Girl
Vallika Diamond; Creeper; Greenery; The Earth 5 Girl
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