Indian Boy Names Having Meaning 'Desire'

Total 49 Boy Names Found For Meaning Having 'Desire'    
Name Meaning Numerology Gender Add to Fav
Aariket Lord Ganesh, Against desire 11 Boy
Aariketh Lord Ganesh, Against desire 1 Boy
Aarman Hope or desire, Army Man, Wish 3 Boy
Abhilash Desire, Affection 6 Boy
Abhinivesh Desire 7 Boy
Akansh Desire, Wish 9 Boy
Anuh Calm, Without desire, Content 8 Boy
Anush Beautiful morning, Star, Following desire 9 Boy
Armaan Hope or desire, Army Man, Wish 3 Boy
Arman Hope or desire, Army Man, Wish 2 Boy
Hatish With no desire, Simple, Not greedy 11 Boy
Hrithvik Priest, Saint, Desire 6 Boy
Hritvik Desire 7 Boy
Ilakkuvan It is the Tamil form of the name Lakshman, It also mean ambitious person, The one who has goal, Desire 3 Boy
Iqbal Glory, Destiny, Desire 5 Boy
Ishtiyaq Longing, Craving 9 Boy
Kaam Effort, Work, Desire, Passion, Love, Delight, The God of Love 8 Boy
Kaant Husband, Adored, Precious, Pleasant, Spring, Beloved by the Moon, The Moon pleasant 11 Boy
Kamshad Happy, Wish, Desire 3 Boy
Kanthi Beauty, Desire, Splendour, Ornament, Another name for Goddess Lakshmi, Luster, Loveliness 9 Boy
Karv Love, Desire 7 Boy
Khashif Desire 8 Boy
Liam Resolute protection, Will, Desire, Protection 8 Boy
Lochanpal Protector of desire 1 Boy
Manksh Longing, Desire 3 Boy
Manorath Desire 9 Boy
Manorit Desire, Of the mind 9 Boy
Morad Desire, Wish 6 Boy
Mourad Desire 9 Boy
Murad Desire, Will 3 Boy
Nathan Gift from God, Rewarded, Given, Giving, Desire, Protector, Lord, Another name for Krishna 22 Boy
Nikam Desire, Wish, Joy 3 Boy
Pariket Against desire 8 Boy
Prakam Joy, Desire, Achievement 6 Boy
Pujman Desire, Wish 3 Boy
Raem One who has a desire and sea 1 Boy
Sarnih Desire 6 Boy
Tamannah Desire 9 Boy
Tarsh Wish, Thirst, Desire, Shapely, Profit, Boat, Ocean, Sun boat 3 Boy
Umed Hope, Expectation, Wish, Desire, Trust, Greed 7 Boy
Umeed Hope, Expectation, Wish, Desire, Trust, Greed 3 Boy
Umid Hope, Expectation, Wish, Desire, Trust, Greed 2 Boy
Ushij Zealous, Born of desire, Energetic, Pleasant, Desirous, Fire, Ghee 22 Boy
Vairag Detached, Free from desire and attaclunent 4 Boy
Vanan Longing, Desire 7 Boy
Vanas Loveliness, Handsome, Desire 3 Boy
Vashisht Famous Rishi, Best, Most prosperous, Distinguished, Dearest, Master of all creation and desire 7 Boy
Vijigeesh Desire of victory 4 Boy
Vikam Free from attachment and desire 2 Boy
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