Indian Boy Names Having Meaning 'Nectar'

Total 33 Boy Names Found For Meaning Having 'Nectar'
Name Meaning Numerology Gender Fav
Amarit Gods nectar 8 Boy
Amiya Nectar; Delight Amlan unfading; Ever bright 22 Unisex
Amreek Celestial God; Nectar 9 Boy
Amrik Celestial God; Nectar 7 Boy
Amrit Nectar 7 Boy
Amrith Nectar 6 Boy
Amrithash Lord Shiva; God of nectar; Godly being; Name of Shiva 7 Boy
Amritleen One imbued in the lord's nectar 7 Boy
Amrut Nectar 1 Boy
Amruth Nectar 9 Boy
Arnrit Nectar; Eternal 8 Boy
Chandratha Nectar of the Moon 6 Boy
Kanjam Lotus; Nectar 5 Boy
Kshiraj Nectar; Produced of milk; Pearl; The Moon 4 Boy
Madhu Honey; Sweet; Nectar; Charming 2 Unisex
Madir Nectar; Wine; Intoxicating 9 Boy
Gitamrita Mahodadhi An ocean containing nectar of Gita 8 Boy
Peeyush Milk; Nectar 9 Boy
Piyush Milk; Nectar 8 Boy
Poornamrith Full of nectar 3 Boy
Rashwanth Charming; Full of nectar 4 Boy
Raswant Charming; Full of nectar 6 Boy
Raswanth Charming; Full of nectar 5 Boy
Sabar Nectar; Distinguished 5 Boy
Saihajdhiaan Imbued in nectar and equipoise 4 Boy
Samritha Provided with nectar; Wealthy; Remembered 8 Boy
Satamrit True immortalising nectar 11 Boy
Shabar Lord Shiva; Water; The vital element for life; Name of Shiva 22 Boy
Sudhakar Mine of nectar; Moon 11 Boy
Sudhakara Mine of nectar 3 Boy
Sudhamay Full of nectar 11 Boy
Sudheendra Lord of senses; Lord of knowledge 9 Boy
Sudhendra Lord Indra to Sudhi (Bhoomi); Lord of nectar 4 Boy
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