Indian Boy Names Having Meaning 'Lovable'

Total 21 Boy Names Found For Meaning Having 'Lovable'
Name Meaning Numerology Gender Fav
Ashik Lover; Lovable; Trustable 3 Boy
Balaganapati Beloved and lovable child 4 Boy
Eileen Champion; Lovable 5 Boy
Bala Ganapati Beloved and lovable child 4 Boy
Goral Lovable; Charming 8 Boy
Habbab Affable; Lovable 7 Boy
Hamrish Lovable; Helpful 4 Boy
Hritesh Lovable 6 Boy
Hrithesh Lovable 5 Boy
Karanpreet Lovable 1 Boy
Karanprem Lovable 7 Boy
Logachandran Lovable 8 Boy
Luvya Lovable 9 Boy
Madanbir Brave and lovable 8 Boy
Madanmohan Attractive and lovable 3 Boy
Preetam Lover; Lovable 6 Boy
Preetham Lover; Lovable 5 Boy
Preetmohan Attractive and lovable 7 Boy
Priansh Beloved; Most lovable; Favourite son 4 Boy
Priyansh Lovable part of someone 11 Boy
Yogaraj A healthy and lovable Lucky person 5 Boy
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