Anuradha Nakshatra Names For Boy

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Name Meaning Numerology Gender Add to Fav
Naabhak Belonging to the Sky 2 Boy
Naabhas Celestial, Appearing in the Sky, Name of certain constellations, Sky, Ocean, Heavenly 1 Boy
Naag A big serpent 5 Boy
Naagadatha One of the kauravas 4 Boy
Naagdhar Lord Shiva, One who wears cobra 9 Boy
Naagpal Saviour of serpents 7 Boy
Naagpathi King of serpents 5 Boy
Naakaiah Suggest meaning 1 Boy
Naarang Narang ca be used as a surname in various culture, Orange, Human, A twin 11 Boy
Naarayan Lord Vishnu, Refuge of Man 3 Boy
Naathan Gift from God, Rewarded, Given, Giving, Desire, Protector, Lord, Another name for Krishna 5 Boy
Naavinya New 6 Boy
Nabarun Morning Sun 8 Boy
Nabendu New Moon, A night after amavasya 7 Boy
Nabh The Sky 7 Boy
Nabhanyu Eternal, Celestial 5 Boy
Nabhas Celestial, Appearing in the Sky, Name of certain constellations, Sky, Ocean, Heavenly 9 Boy
Nabhay Suggest meaning 6 Boy
Nabhayan Fearsome 3 Boy
Nabhendu New Moon 6 Boy
Nabhi Centre of body, An ancient king 7 Boy
Nabhij Lord Brahma, Born from the navel 8 Boy
Nabhinath Fearless 5 Boy
Nabhith Fearless 8 Boy
Nabhoj Born in Sky 5 Boy
Nabhomani Jewel of the Sky, The Sun 5 Boy
Nabil Noble, Generous, Peacock 2 Boy
Nabin New 22 Boy
Nabina New 5 Boy
Nachik A short form of Nachiketa 1 Boy
Nachiket Son of vajashravas (Son of vajashravas) 8 Boy
Nachiketa An ancient Rishi, Fire 9 Boy
Nachiketas The name of the boy who went to see Lord Yama and got Brahma Vidya from Yama 1 Boy
Nadal Fortunate 5 Boy
Nadapratithishta One who appreciates and loves music 7 Boy
Nadeep Lord of wealth 9 Boy
Nadeesh God of river, Ocean, Hope, Lord of water 11 Boy
Nadin Lord of rivers, Ocean 6 Boy
Nadir Fresh, Dear, Rare, Pinnacle 1 Boy
Nadish God of river, Ocean, Hope, Lord of water 1 Boy
Nag Raj King of the serpents, King of cobras 6 Boy
Nagabhushan One who wears snakes as ornaments, Lord Shiva 6 Boy
Nagabhushana One who has serpents as ornaments 7 Boy
Nagabhushanam God Shankar, Lord Shiva 11 Boy
Nagaiah Lord cobra 5 Boy
Nagalingesh Lord Shiva 7 Boy
Nagamunendra Suggest meaning 5 Boy
Naganath Snake, The king of serpents, A serpent chief 3 Boy
Nagaraj King of the serpents, King of cobras 7 Boy
Nagaraja Lord Nagaraja 8 Boy
Nagarajan King of snake 4 Boy
Nagaraju King of snakes 1 Boy
Nagarathna Snakes diamond 4 Boy
Nagarin Lord of a town 1 Boy
Nagarjun Best among the snakes 5 Boy
Nagarjuna Lord Shiva, Best among the snakes, A white snake, Name of An ancient buddhist teacher of the rank bodhisattva 6 Boy
Nagdhar Lord Shiva, One who wears cobra 8 Boy
Nagendra Seshnag, King of the serpents 1 Boy
Nagesh Seshnag, Cosmic serpent, Owner of serpent 9 Boy
Nagesha Seshnag, Cosmic serpent, Owner of serpent 1 Boy
Nageshwar Lord Shiva, God of serpents 6 Boy
Nageshwaran Lord snake 3 Boy
Nageswara Lord Shiva, God of serpents 8 Boy
Naggar Lord Krishna 3 Boy
Nagmani Jewels 5 Boy
Nagnath Snake, The king of serpents, A serpent chief 11 Boy
Nagpal Saviour of serpents 6 Boy
Nagpati King of serpents vaasuki 5 Boy
Nagraj King of serpents 6 Boy
Nagsen Superior 6 Boy
Nagsri Queen of Snakes 5 Boy
Nahul Powerful 2 Boy
Nahush Name of An ancient king 8 Boy
Nahusha A mythological king 9 Boy
Naimath Suggest meaning 3 Boy
Naimesh Saints name 6 Boy
Naimish Inside viewer, Wink, Transient 1 Boy
Nainesh Gods Third Eye; Relax Eyes; Relate to Eye 7 Boy
Nainish Lord of eyes 11 Boy
Nainush Suggest meaning 5 Boy
Nair Lord Krishna, Leader 6 Boy
Nairit Direction, South west 8 Boy
Naishadh King Nala, A hero from the Mahabharata who was king of Nishadha, A open, Pertaining to Nishadha, An epic poem 1 Boy
Naishal Parvat 1 Boy
Naitik Good in nature 1 Boy
Naitvik Suggest meaning 5 Boy
Naivadya Bhagwan ka Prasad 5 Boy
Naivedh Bagvan ka Prasad 9 Boy
Naivedya Hindu mataji prashad with curd & sugar 9 Boy
Naiyah New 4 Boy
Nakesh The Moon, Feature 22 Boy
Nakhraj The Moon 9 Boy
Nakkiran A Tamil Poet 7 Boy
Naksa King of stars, Map 1 Boy
Naksatraraja King of stars 7 Boy
Naksh The Moon, Feature 8 Boy
Nakshatra Heavenly body, A star, Pearl 3 Boy
Nakshith Power of Lion 9 Boy
Nakul Name of one of the Pandavas, Son, A musical instrument, The fourth Pandava Prince from the Mahabharata, Mongoose, Another name for Shiva 5 Boy
Nakula  Suggest meaning (Son of Madri and Pandu, known for patience) 6 Boy
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