Baby Name Ideas

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Name Meaning Numerology Gender Fav
Aaradhya Worshipped; Blessing of Lord Ganesh 5 Girl
Aryaman  The sun 1 Boy
Aryan  From a high race; Ord Ayyappa 5 Boy
Chenab 6 Girl
Haroon Lofty or exalted; A prophet's name (Aaron) 8 Boy
Hridhaan Heart; One with Great Heart 9 Boy
Iqra Study; Read 9 Girl
Keia Around; Alert; Vigorous; Watchful 8 Girl
Kendra Middle 8 Girl
Nitara Deeply rooted 9 Girl
Sahtosh Satisfaction; Happiness 9 Boy
Saira Poetess; Princess; Traveler 3 Girl
Samaira Enchanting; Protected by God; Guardian 8 Girl
Shaachi The powerful or helpful 4 Girl
Shakya Lord Buddha; Energy circle or a form of chakra 2 Unisex
Winston Victory Town 6 Boy
Zeke God strengthens 2 Boy
Zidaan Increase; growth and progress 1 Boy