How to choose a suitable baby name?

Selecting a suitable name for a child has always been a special task for every parent. It requires a lot of thought. After all, his name is something which he will carry around for his entire life and will also become an integral part of his identity. When it comes to choosing names most parents tend to emphasise on selecting a name carrying a very good meaning. The source of the name does not matter it could come as a suggestion from a friend or a relative, or it could be from some religious book.

Another important factor taken into consideration while selecting the name is its uniqueness. Everyone wishes for their child to have a unique name. These factors cannot be easily satisfied by the names which we hear in our day to day life, this is where our website comes to your aid.

Naming your child is such a task that can be both daunting and exciting at the same time, although it could be made easier by using websites having a vast database of Indian baby names. You can also use the various filters available with them. They would help you to select the names based on rashi’s or the sun sign, by religion, astrology and concepts. You must keep certain factors in mind before you select a name as the long lists can be quite confusing.

Firstly, make sure that the name you are selecting will sound good with your surname or middle name. Also have a fair idea of the pronunciation of the name as it must not be funny, so that it will not prove to be embarrassing for your child in the future. Also try to find out the exact meaning of the name as it can carry two or more meanings. At you can very easily find the meaning of every name. If you wish to go for a unique name then make sure that it is not too weird that the child might find it hard to keep and accept. Make sure that you do not select a name which carries a very complex spelling as it will be difficult for your child to remember it.

Another important aspect associated with the selection of Indian baby names is that it should be meaningful. India is a culturally rich land, and in several of these cultures it is considered that the meaning of the child’s name will have a crucial impact on his life.

While selecting Indian baby names make sure name is not very long. A baby name of 2-4 letters would be ideal one.

Doing such kind of search on your own will be quite stressful, but at you can choose a baby name by considering all above aspects very easily.

Following is a quick guide on choosing a Indian baby name for your child.

· Have a pleasant meaning
· Must not be too long
· Have a pronunciation that is both clear and easy.
· Suits the surname well
· Have a good meaning and does not end up embarrassing your child when he grows up.
· Be modern and should not get outdated when the baby grows older.