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130 Boy Names Found For Meaning Having 'Great'
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Name Meaning Numerology Gender Fav
Dhruvin Great person 6 Boy-E
Vishal Huge; Broad; Great; Substantial; Important; Powerful; Eminent 8 Boy-E
Mahendra The great God Indra (the God of the Sky), Lord Indra, Lord of the Sky 1 Boy-E
Lalit Beautiful; Desirable; Voluptuous; Gentle; Graceful; Charming; Sporting gentle 9 Boy-E
Mihaan Great; Man with best of qualities 1 Boy-E
Kulbir Hero of the family; The great warrior 1 Boy-E
Mahendran The great God Indra (the God of the Sky), Lord Indra; Lord of the Sky 6 Boy-E
Hridaan Gift of heart, Preference of heart, Who is great heart 1 Boy-E
Bharat Descended from Bharat; Universal monarch; Clever; Race; A demigod and brother of Lord Ram; Fire; One who fulfils all desires 5 Boy-E
Mahanth Great 11 Boy-E
Pragadeesh Lord Shiva; Very great; Or huge in a monolithic piece 3 Boy-E
Mahaveer Most courageous among men 1 Boy-E
Yograj Great ascetic; Lord Shiva 4 Boy-E
Mahantesh Great soul 8 Boy-E
Parshotam Best person; a Great human being 3 Boy-E
Rishva Noble; Great; Lord Indra 5 Boy-E
Maharshi A great saint 5 Boy-E
Mifzal The great and blessed person 4 Boy-E
Ameet Infinite; Unique; Incomparable Lord; Indestructible; Imperishable; Great; Endless; Boundless 8 Boy-E
Jazal Happiness; Great 5 Boy-E
Shaunak A great sage and teacher; Wise 3 Boy-E
Azam Great and mighty 5 Boy-E
Mahad Great; Nice 9 Boy-E
Birat Great 5 Boy-E
Sikandar Victorious; Sikander is also the Persian and Hindustani version of the name Alexander; After Alexander the Great 5 Boy-E
Gaurab Honor; Pride; Respect; Glory; Dignity 5 Boy-E
Mahant Great 3 Boy-E
Brihat Compact; Massive; Widespread; Great; Large; Mighty; Powerful; Bright; Clear; Name of Lord Vishnu; Loud 4 Boy-E
Chankya Kautilya; Great scholar; Bright 9 Boy-E
Jasim Great and famous 7 Boy-E
Mahabala Having immense strength; Great strength; Enormously strong Lord 3 Boy-E
Mohinder The great Lord Indra; God of the Sky 5 Boy-E
Al-Kabir The great 9 Boy-E
Luham Great 1 Boy-E
Mahajan Great Man 3 Boy-E
Kalidas Great poet; Devotee of Goddess Kali 3 Boy-E
Mahan Great one; Powerful; Eminent 1 Boy-E
Baheen Exalted; Great; Noble 8 Boy-E
Garul Facilitator; One who carries the great; Another name for the bird Garuda, The vehicle of the God 5 Boy-E
Manipal Great speech 3 Boy-E
Atraiu Great warrior 7 Boy-E
Jalil Great; Revered 8 Boy-E
Jaslok Great and glorious people 5 Boy-E
Vyaas A great sage, sage who wrote Mahabharata; Separation; Diffusion; Name of the compiler of the puranas 5 Boy-E
Adeem Rare; Great 1 Boy-E
Mahanpal Great protector 3 Boy-E
Panine A Sanskrit grammarian; the great scholar grammarian 5 Boy-E
Bazir Educated; A great person 11 Boy-E
Hanspal Protector of great soul 8 Boy-E
Jaleel Great; Revered 8 Boy-E
Jazim Great and famous 5 Boy-E
Mahamrityunjaya The great victor of death 9 Boy-E
Maharath A great charioteer 7 Boy-E
Tejmaan Great glory and honour 1 Boy-E
Vakpati Great orator 8 Boy-E
Sikander Victorious; Sikander is also the Persian and Hindustani version of the name Alexander; After Alexander the Great 9 Boy-E
Vedavyas It is the name of great sage who wrote Mahabharata epic 9 Boy-E
Abdul Adheem Servant of the greatest 4 Boy-E
Adheem Rare; Great 9 Boy-E
Alazae Angle; Joy; Great happiness; Joyful 1 Boy-E
Al-KabÎr The greatest 9 Boy-E
Amoghraj Great; The name of a Hindu God in India 1 Boy-E
Arthur Arthur was a great king who lived in 6th century 5 Boy-E
Biraat Great 6 Boy-E
Mahakethu Lord Shiva; Maha - great; Powerful; Supreme; Ketu - the node; Form; Banner; Leader; Brightness; A ray of light; Ensign; Any eminent person; Intellect; Knowledge 7 Boy-E
Marine Manu the great 6 Boy-E
Museeb Apple in Persian also means great warrior 2 Boy-E
Panini A Sanskrit grammarian, the great scholar grammarian 9 Boy-E
Vishaljeet Great victory 3 Boy-E
Zarrar A great muslim warrior; Attractive; Huge; Tremendous army 1 Boy-E
Lalith Beautiful; Desirable; Voluptuous; Gentle; Graceful; Charming; Sporting gentle 8 Boy-E
Abdul Jaleel Servant of the great; Revered; Servant of the exalted (Allah) 4 Boy-E
Abdul Jalil Servant of the great; Revered; Servant of the exalted (Allah) 3 Boy-E
Abdul Kabir Slave of the great 9 Boy-E
Ailiyah The beautiful one to grow in peace and Love with God 11 Boy-E
Al-'azÎm The incomparably great 8 Boy-E
Allamah Endowed with great knowledge 3 Boy-E
Ashtavakra One of the great sages 3 Boy-E
Bahurai With great riches 6 Boy-E
Ghaylan Great; Fat 5 Boy-E
Hammam A great man; A chief; A hero 22 Boy-E
Jasim-Ud-Din Great (Man) of the religion 5 Boy-E
Kalidaas Great poet; Devotee of Goddess Kali 22 Boy-E
Khaqan Great king 7 Boy-E
Mahandharam Great religion 1 Boy-E
Mahangeet Great songs 11 Boy-E
Mahatapas Great meditator 8 Boy-E
Mahatapase Great meditator 4 Boy-E
Maheshinder Lord Shiva; Maha - great, Powerful, Supreme + Ish = God + Inder - supreme God 5 Boy-E
Narjodh Great warrior 7 Boy-E
Ratanbir Great elixir; lord's elixir 11 Boy-E
Sarabraj Great kingdom 7 Boy-E
Imtiyaz Great king 4 Boy-E
Sriraj Great personality 3 Boy-E
Abhinava Young; New; Novel; Innovative; Quite new; Fresh; Modern; A sakta notable for his great leaning and spiritual attainment 4 Boy-E
Bulesh Great 22 Boy-E
Mallik Mallik means great 22 Boy-E
Abbad A great worshiper of Allah 1 Boy-E
Mahanidhi Great storehouse 4 Boy-E
Mahapurush Great being; Lord Rama 9 Boy-E