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Name Meaning Numerology Gender Fav
Aranmakan Lord Murugan, Son of Aran (Shiva) 11 Boy
Arumugan Lord Murugan, Six-faced 6 Boy
Arumugathamudhu Lord Murugan; Arumugam - six-faced, Amudhu - food 7 Boy
Arumukhan Lord Murugan, Six-faced 9 Boy
Azhagan Lord Murugan; One who is handsome 4 Boy
Bahuleyan Lord Murugan; Bahu - a lot; Abundant 8 Boy
Balamurugan Young Lord Murugan; Lord Murugan's childhood 3 Boy
Chetty Mind 9 Boy
Chevatkodiyon Lord Murugan; One with a rooster in his battle flag 8 Boy
Dandapani An epithet for Yama 1 Boy
Dandayudhapani Lord Murugan; One who bears the dandayudham another name for the spear 6 Boy
Devasenapati Lord Murugan; Consort of Devasena; The army chief of heavenly Gods, Lord Murugan 9 Boy
Deyvayanakantan Lord Murugan, Consort of Devayani 6 Boy
Duraimurugan Lord Murugan, Murugan; The king; Head 4 Boy
Ganapatizhankilai Lord Murugan; After Ganapati (younger brother of Ganesh) 7 Boy
Gangamaindan Lord Murugan, Son of Ganga 5 Boy
Gangasiruvan Lord Murugan; Ganga's boy Siruvan - boy 8 Boy
Gangeyan Lord Murugan; Son of Ganga, Bheeshm; Also a metronymic of Skand; Nutgrass 11 Boy
Gaurnandanan Lord Murugan, Son of Gauri 11 Boy
Guhan Name of Lord Murugan 6 Boy
Guhaya Name of Lord Murugan 9 Boy
Guru Teacher; Master; Priest 22 Boy
Ilamurugu Young Lord Murugan 6 Boy
Arumin Kadalan Lord Murugan 3 Boy
Kadamban Lord Murugan; Muruga came to Tamilnadu with Kadamba rulers, Muruga wields the Kadamba stalk in his hands 2 Boy
Kandan Cloud; God 9 Boy
Kartikeyan Lord Murugan, Who has been brought up by Krittika 7 Boy
Katir Kamattuican Lord Murugan, The one who resides in Katir Kaman abode of Lord Murugan 11 Boy
Katireshan Lord Murugan; The Lord of Katir 7 Boy
Kothandapani Lord Murugan, The one who wields the bow 6 Boy
Kozhikkodiyon Lord Murugan, The one who has a rooster in his battle flag 11 Boy
Kulandavelayudhan Lord Murugan, The child who bears the Vel as a weapon 6 Boy
Kumaran Lord muraga (Son of Shivan) 7 Boy
Kumarappan Lord Murugan; Kumara - youth; Appan - father 4 Boy
Kumaraswami Lord Murugan; Bachelor God 4 Boy
Kumaresan Lord Murugan; Lord of youths; Name of Skand 4 Boy
Kundrakkudiyon Lord Murugan; One who resides on hills 8 Boy
Kundrenindhon Lord Murugan 7 Boy
Kurinjvendan Lord Murugan, Consort of Kurinji (Velli) 8 Boy
Kuzhagan Lord Murugan 8 Boy
Kuzhandai Lord Murugan; Child 5 Boy
Malaimakal Makan Lord Murugan; The son of the daughter of mountain Himavan 6 Boy
Manggaurdi Lord Murugan 5 Boy
Manoharan Lord Murugan; Pleasing to mind; Name of a Raaga; Heart ravishing; Captivating; Attractive; Charming; A kind of Jasmine; Name of Krishna or Vishnu 4 Boy
Mal Marugan Lord Murugan, Vishnu's nephew 11 Boy
Mayon Marugan Lord Murugan, Vishnu's nephew 8 Boy
Murukan Lord Murugan; God of war 9 Boy
Muttai Lord Murugan 9 Boy
Muttu Kumaraswami Lord Murugan; Muttu - Pearl, Kumara Swami - bachelor God 9 Boy
Muttuk Kumaran Lord Murugan; The boy who is precious like a Pearl muttu - Pearl, Kumaran - boy 5 Boy
Palaniappan Another name of Lord Murugan 11 Boy
Palanisami Another name of Lord Murugan 5 Boy
Palanivel Another name of Lord Murugan 11 Boy
Gnana Panditan Lord Murugan; A great scholar 8 Boy
Pavaki Name of Lord Murugan; Goddess Saraswati (Goddess of Education); Purifying; Fire 6 Unisex
Pazhanandavar Lord Murugan; The God who resides in Pazhani 1 Boy
Pazhanappan Lord Murugan; The one who resides in Pazhani 6 Boy
Saktidharaya Lord Murugan, The one who bears the Shakti (Vel - Shakti) 1 Boy
Saravana Bhavan Lord Murugan; A pond surrounded by reeds refers to the place of birth of Murugan 8 Boy
Saravanan The clump of reeds; Lord Murugan 1 Boy
Sarvanavel Another name of Lord Murugan 7 Boy
Senaik Kappon Lord Murugan, The one who protects the army 6 Boy
Senapati Lord Murugan; The leader of an army; Commander; Name of Kartekeya; Name of Shiva 4 Boy
Sendan Lord Murugan 3 Boy
Sendhil Lord Murugan, The red one, The formidable one 8 Boy
Sendhilnathan Lord Murugan, The red Lord, The formidable Lord 3 Boy
Sevarkodiyon Lord Murugan; One with a rooster in his battle flag 5 Boy
Sevvel Lord Murugan; The Vel which is used to save 22 Boy
Seyon Lord Murugan 6 Boy
Shanmukha Nathan Lord Murugan, The six-faced Lord 1 Boy
Shanmukhan Shanmuka means Lord of Subramaniam; Son of Lord Shiva, Lord Karthikeya, Lord Murugan 11 Boy
Shikivahanar Lord Murugan; One who has a peacock as his vehicle 4 Boy
Shivakumaran Lord Murugan, Son of Shiva 3 Boy
Shringaravelan Lord Murugan; Beautiful Velan; The one who dresses up 5 Boy
Siddhan Lord Murugan; Accomplished; Perfected; Fulfilled; Gained; Successful; Valid; Emancipated; Endowed with supernatural powers or faculties; Sacred; Holy; Divine; Eminent; Shining; An epithet of Vishnu and Shiva 5 Boy
Silamban Lord Murugan 8 Boy
Singaravelan Lord Murugan; Beautiful Velan; The one who dresses up 6 Boy
Subrahmaniyan Lord Murugan; Worthy Jewel 11 Boy
Subramani Lord Murugan; Worthy Jewel 8 Boy
Bala Subramanian Lord Murugan, The child who is a worthy jewel 3 Boy
Sundara Shanmukhan Lord Murugan; Beautiful six-faced God 8 Boy
Shanmukha Sundaram Lord Murugan, Six-faced beauty 7 Boy
Sundaravel Lord Murugan; Beautiful Murugan 9 Boy
Sur Pakaivan Lord Murugan; Enemy of Shur 7 Boy
Suresan Lord Murugan; Lord of the Gods; Another name for Indra; Shiva & Vishnu 7 Boy
Swami Master 2 Boy
Swaminathan The Lord Almighty; Lord Murugan 6 Boy
Swamy Master 9 Boy
Sangat Talaivan Lord Murugan; Leader of an army (Devasenapati) 7 Boy
Thakappanswami Lord Murugan; Lord of Shiva (Murugan taught Shiva the meaning of Om, Thakappan - Shiva + Swami - Lord) 9 Boy
Sur Thandinthon Lord Murugan, The one who punished shuran 5 Boy
Thangavel Lord Murugan, God 9 Boy
Thanikachalam Lord Murugan, The one who stays in Thanika 3 Boy
Tharakar Serron Lord Murugan, The God who killed the demon Taraka 5 Boy
Senthil Vadivelan Lord Murugan; Always youth 6 Boy
Shanmukha Vadivelan Lord Murugan, Six-faced Vadivel 6 Boy
Sundara Vadivelan Lord Murugan; Beautiful Vadivel 6 Boy
Vadivelan Lord Murugan; Called so because his spear is called Vadivel 9 Boy
Mayil Vahanan Lord Murugan, The one who has a peacock as his vehicle 4 Boy
Vallkantan Lord Murugan, Husband of Velli 9 Boy
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