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Patience; Endurance; Passion Suggest meaning
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Similar names for Sabreen

Name Meaning Numerology
Sabrang Rainbow 8
Sabreen Patience; Endurance; Passion 1
Sabrin Patience; Endurance; Passion; Multi talented 9
Sabrina Patience; Endurance; Passion 1
Saparna Leafy 7
Soubarna Girl with a golden complexion; Color of gold; Golden 1
Spring Lively; Entertainer; From a stream or a Spring; The Spring season 11
Subarna Girl with a golden complexion; Color of gold 22
Subrina Queen 3
Suparna Leafy; Having beautiful leaves; Wings; Lotus; Another name for Parvati 9
Supranya Beauty 7
Zabreen Dominant; Exalted; Upright 8

Variant names for name Sabreen

Name Numerology
Sabreen 1
Sabrina 1
Savreen 3