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One whose abode is Love of God Suggest meaning
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Similar names for Premnivaas

Name Meaning Numerology
Barminder God have given beauty 3
Brahmanand Supreme Joy 4
Brahmananda Supreme Joy 5
Brahmani Lal An Avatar of Goddess Durga 1
Brahmanya Supreme godhead 11
Bramhanand Happiness for knowledge 4
Param Hans The supreme spirit; Supreme soul 1
Paramanand Supreme bliss 11
Paramananda Superlative Joy 3
Paramantra Nirakartre acceptor of Rama's Mantra only 4
Paramhans Sadguru 1
Paramhansa The supreme spirit; Supreme soul 11
Paraminder Supreme God of heaven 8
Paramnaam Supreme name 6
Paramnek Having the highest virtue 7
Paramnidhan Possessing the highest treasure 9
Paramnihal Having the supreme happiness 3
Paramniranjan Most immaculate one 4
Paramnirmal Purest one 8
Paramnivas A resident of the highest abode 6
Paramwant Highly supreme 8
Pariman Quality; Abundant 9
Parmanand Happiness 1
Parmanda 5
Parminder God of the gods 8
Parminderpal Preserver of supreme God 1
Preman Love 4
Premanand Joy of Love 5
Premendra Lover 4
Premnivaas One whose abode is Love of God 1
Premwant Full of Love 11