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Similar names for Nirmaltek

Name Meaning Numerology
Nirmal Pure; Brilliant; Clean 4
Nirmalbir Holy and brave 6
Nirmalcheet Pure consciousness; One whose heart is holy 9
Nirmalchit Pure consciousness; One whose heart is holy 8
Nirmaldeep Holy lamp 7
Nirmaldharam Religious holy virtues 4
Nirmaljas Gods holy praises 7
Nirmaljeet Victory of purity 8
Nirmaljeev Holy being 1
Nirmaljog Union with the holy one 9
Nirmaljot Immaculate; Pure light 4
Nirmalkaram One whose actions are holy 3
Nirmalpreet Pure Love 5
Nirmalprem Pure Love 11
Nirmalsev Performing holy service 5
Nirmaltek Support of holy one 4
Nirmalya Pure; Brilliant; Clean 3
Nirmol Without price; Priceless; Invaluable 9