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Similar names for Ivy

Name Meaning Numerology
Aafia Vigor; Good health; Well being 9
Aafiya Vigor; Good health; Well being 7
Aafiyah Healthy 6
Aavya First rays of the Sun; Gift of God 5
Afia Vigor; Good health; Well being 8
Afiya Vigor; Good health; Well being 6
Afiyah Health; Free from illness and grief 5
Afya Vigor; Good health; Shadows 6
Ava Voice; Call 6
Ayva Variant Form of Ava; Lively 4
Eva Life; Living one; Variant of Eve; In the Bible Eve was Adam's wife and the first woman; Alive; Auspicious news 1
Iffah Purity; Modesty 3
Ivy A creeper 2
Ovia Painting; Artist; Beautiful drawing 2
Oviya Painting; Artist; Beautiful drawing 9
Waafiyah Faithful; Loyal 11
Wafa Faithfulness; Loyal 4
Wafaa The faithful; Loyal 5
Wafia Faithful; Loyal 22
Wafiya Faithfulness; Loyal 11
Wafiyah Faithful; Loyal 1
Yafiah High 5
Yahva Heaven and Earth; Flowing water 3
Yahvi Heaven; Earth; The union of heaven and Earth 11