Meaning of Dibya



Meaning :
Divine luster; Charming; Beautiful; Divine Suggest meaning
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Rashi :
Meena (D, CH, Z, TH)
Nakshatra :
Purvabhadra (Se, So, Da, Di)
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Similar names for Dibya

Name Meaning Numerology
Daiba Assiduous; Persistent 8
Deeba Silk; Eye of a mistress 8
Deepa A lamp; Brilliant; That which blazes 22
Dibya Divine luster; Charming; Beautiful; Divine 5
Dip A lamp; Brilliance; Beautiful; Light 2
Dipu Flame; Light; Shinning 5
Taba Clean 6
Tabu Army; Excellent; Army Body 8
Taiba Virtuous; Pious; God-fearing and devoted to God 6
Taibah Pure; Repentant 5
Tapi Name of a river 1
Taybah Pure; Repentant 3
Tayyiba Good; Pleasant; Agreeable 11
Tayyibah Good; Pleasant; Agreeable 1
Tibah Goodness; Kindness 22
Tuba Blessedness; Beatitude 8
Tubaa Blessedness; Beatitude 9

Variant names for name Dibya

Name Numerology
Dhivya 6
Dibya 5