Indian Boy Names Having Meaning 'Ocean'

Total 59 Boy Names Found For Meaning Having 'Ocean'    
Name Meaning Numerology Gender Fav
Aarnav Ocean; Air; Sun; Wave; Stream; Sea 3 Boy
Arnav Ocean; Air; Sun; Wave; Stream; Sea 2 Boy
Anav Ocean; King; Rich; Generous; Kind; Humane 11 Boy
Nadish God of river; Ocean; Hope; Lord of water 1 Boy
Nadeesh God of river; Ocean; Hope; Lord of water 11 Boy
Nadin Lord of rivers; Ocean 6 Boy
Nadeen Lord of rivers; Ocean 7 Boy
Zoheb Ocean of knowledge 11 Boy
Oshin Ocean; Sea 11 Boy
Shankhi Ocean 7 Boy
Zohaib Ocean of knowledge 7 Boy
Muheet Embraces all round; Encompassing; Ocean 9 Boy
Muhit Embraces all round; Encompassing; Ocean 8 Boy
Sagar Sea; Ocean 1 Boy
Nabhas Celestial; Appearing in the sky; Name of individual constellations; Sky; Ocean; Heavenly 9 Boy
Avish Ocean; Holy incarnation 5 Boy
Pankoj Sea; Ocean; Water 22 Boy
Jatasya The ocean 5 Boy
Tharak Star; Pupil of an eye; Protector 5 Boy
Aarnavi Heart as big as ocean; Bird 3 Boy
Iravan King of the ocean; Filled with water; Sea; Cloud; Ruler 11 Boy
Jalad Cloud; Ocean 1 Boy
Yam Ocean 3 Boy
Aarnab Ocean 1 Boy
Aranab Ocean 1 Boy
Varendra Ocean 11 Boy
Arnab Ocean 9 Boy
Varindra Lord of the ocean 6 Boy
Miransh A small part of the ocean 1 Boy
Saagar Sea; Ocean 2 Boy
Tarish Raft; Boat; Competent person; The ocean 3 Boy
Tarant Thunder; Ocean 2 Boy
Samich Ocean 8 Boy
Armav Ocean; Waves 1 Boy
Sagardutt Gift of ocean 3 Boy
Dayasagara Ocean of compassionate 6 Boy
Aashvith Ocean 7 Boy
Vidyasagar Ocean of learning 8 Boy
Varinder Lord of the ocean 1 Boy
Barinder Lord of the ocean 8 Boy
Saagarik Belonging to the ocean 4 Boy
Barindra Lord of the ocean 4 Boy
Samudrasen Lord of the ocean 7 Boy
Ratna Nidhi Lord Vishnu; Ratna - Jewel + Nidhi - a treasure; Store; The ocean; A Man endowed with many good qualities; An epithet of Vishnu and Shiva; A divine treasure belonging to Kuber 8 Boy
Kripasagar Ocean of mercy 11 Boy
Sindhunath Lord of the ocean 1 Boy
Setukrute Builder of the bridge over the ocean 5 Boy
Bhavjeet One who swims across the dreadful world ocean 1 Boy
Brinder Lord of ocean 7 Boy
Vidaysagar Learning ocean 8 Boy
Ambunath Ocean 8 Boy
Samandar Ocean 8 Boy
Warinder Lord of the ocean 11 Boy
Aarnav Tej Ocean 11 Boy
Sahilpreet Dew; Ocean; Sea 5 Boy
Sagarotharaka One who leapt across the ocean, Lord Hanuman 4 Boy
Jitavarashaye Conqueror of the ocean 5 Boy
Gitamrita Mahodadhi An ocean containing nectar of Gita 8 Boy
Sarvateerthamaya One who turns the water of ocean sacred 7 Boy
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