Indian Boy Names Having Meaning 'Blessing'

Total 37 Boy Names Found For Meaning Having 'Blessing'    
Name Meaning Numerology Gender Add to Fav
Khair Good, Blessing, Boon, Wealth 11 Unisex
Saish With the blessing of Sai - baba ka baccha, Sai ka baccha 2 Boy
Arul Grace of God, Blessing of God 7 Boy
Shubhay Blessing 3 Boy
Saadat Blessing, Honor, Happiness, Bliss, Felicity 1 Unisex
Nemat Blessing, Boon, Favor 8 Boy
Hamdhy Sympathy, Blessing 5 Boy
Rizq Subsistence, Blessing of God 7 Boy
Vardhan Blessing, Lord Shiva, Auspicious, Increasing prosperity 5 Boy
Ashirvad Blessings 1 Boy
Anam Blessing, One who blesses 11 Boy
Enayat Grace, Kindness, Blessing 3 Boy
Akshad Blessing 8 Boy
Shubhashis Blessing 6 Boy
Vardaan Blessing, Lord Shiva 7 Boy
Barkat Bounty, Blessing 8 Unisex
Minnah Kindness, Grace, Blessing 5 Unisex
Iniat Blessing 8 Boy
Baksheesh Divine blessing 6 Boy
Asees Blessing, Prayer 7 Boy
Davashish Blessing of God 1 Boy
Devashish Benediction of God, Pleased by the gods 5 Boy
Umaprasad Blessing of Goddess Parvati 4 Boy
Debasish Benediction of God, Pleased by the gods 4 Boy
Sai Prasad Blessing 7 Boy
Sai Pratap Blessing of Saibaba 11 Boy
Arul Kannan Gods grace, Gods blessing 8 Boy
Shubhasunad Blessing 1 Boy
Gurdit One born with gurus blessing 7 Boy
Vardan Blessing, Lord Shiva, Auspicious, Increasing prosperity 6 Boy
Anugrah Divine blessing 7 Boy
Barakah Blessing 6 Unisex
Gurbakhshis One who has gurus blessing 6 Boy
Varinderpal Blessing of prtection by God in heaven 3 Boy
Sadul Khalq Blessing for the creation 7 Boy
Nimatullah Blessing of Allah 3 Boy
Barakatullah Blessing of Allah 9 Boy
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