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Indian Boy Names Having Meaning 'Blessed'

Total 52 Boy Names Found For Meaning Having 'Blessed'    
Name Meaning Numerology Gender Add to Fav
Raiya Property, Treasure, Fragrance, Breeze, Blessed by the supreme 9 Boy
Yaman Blessed 9 Boy
Eshar Blessed, Prosperous 6 Boy
Miko Beautiful, Blessed child, Smiling child 3 Boy
Aarul Grace of God, Blessing of God 8 Boy
Maseeh One who is blessed with piety from the cradle to the grave. the messiah Jesus, A prophet 6 Boy
Yaamin Blessed, Auspicious, Oath, Right hand, Right wing, Right side, Restrained 9 Boy
Yameen Blessed, Auspicious, Oath, Right hand, Right wing, Right side, Restrained 9 Boy
Yamin Blessed, Auspicious, Oath, Right hand, Right wing, Right side, Restrained 8 Boy
Basaud Exalted, Blessed 3 Boy
Siddhesh Lord of the blessed 4 Boy
Ashvik Blessed and victorious 7 Boy
Makar Blessed 8 Boy
Yamaan Blessed 1 Boy
Barayek Blessed 9 Boy
Ayushman Blessed with long life 3 Boy
Aasvi Blessed and victorious, Little mare 7 Boy
Ayushmaan Blessed with long life 4 Boy
Naunidh Nine treasures, One who is blessed with nine treasures 8 Boy
Siddesh Lord of the blessed, Another name of Lord Shiva 5 Boy
Ashooja Eternally Happy, Blessed 6 Boy
Mifzal Great and blessed person 4 Boy
Mabruk Blessed, Prosperous 3 Boy
Sidhesh Lord of the blessed 9 Boy
Anjik Collyrium, Coloured, Blessed, Dusky 9 Boy
Marzuq Blessed by (God), Fortunate 6 Boy
Maymun Fortunate, Blessed, Auspicious, Prosperous 6 Boy
Keshat Blessed, Virile, An arrow of Kaama, Another name for Lord Vishnu 1 Boy
Hari Prasad Blessed by Lord Krishna 5 Boy
Dheivamani Blessed gem 5 Boy
Shaquita Blessed 6 Boy
Marzouq Blessed by (God), Fortunate 3 Boy
Kashiprasad Blessed by Lord Shiva 8 Boy
Iraiyavan Blessed by the supreme 1 Boy
Humayun Blessed 4 Boy
Arulchelvan Blessed 9 Boy
Mubarak Congratulations, Blessed 22 Boy
Gurdial One blessed with gurus grace 9 Boy
Gurkirpal One blessed by Guru 5 Boy
Harbhaag Blessed with fortune of God 1 Boy
Charnjit Respect-full, Blessed from everyone 11 Boy
Marzooq Blessed by (God), Fortunate 6 Boy
Avleen Different, Blessed by God 5 Boy
Gurmaher Blessed by Guru 1 Boy
Tulvar Blessed support 22 Boy
Bakhsheesh The blessed one 5 Boy
Sukhdayal Blessed with happiness 3 Boy
Gurbaksh Blessed by the Guru 6 Boy
Gundaat Blessed with virtues 5 Boy
Gurbakhsh Blessed with gurus grace 5 Boy
Chirayus Long lived, Blessed with a long life 5 Boy
Amarinder Blessed by God for immortality 11 Boy
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