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Complete collection of Quranic baby names with meanings. View all baby boy and baby girl names from Quran.
Name Meaning Numerology Gender Add to Fav
Kafi Another name of God, Talented, Enough 9 Girl
Musa A prophets name 9 Boy
Isa A prophets name Jesus 11 Unisex
Eihaa To inspire 6 Girl
Dahaa Blazing, Very bright 6 Girl
Rabiah Greenery 3 Boy
Zabi Gazelle 2 Boy
Baal Young, Infant, Strong, Strength, Vigour, Bridge, Victory 7 Boy
Vida Found, Evident, Few 9 Girl
Daeb Diligent 3 Boy
Haib Greatness 2 Boy
Lut A prophets name lot 8 Boy
Haibaa Gravity 22 Boy
Noon Sword blade 22 Boy
Zafaa Growth 8 Girl
Luha Measure 6 Girl
Dunaa Worlds 5 Girl
Deeb Wolf 7 Boy
Ons Gladness 3 Boy
Zibaa Beautiful, Antelopes 3 Boy
Waf Faithful 3 Boy
Hend Group of camels that number from 100 to 200 22 Boy
Subhi Good luck, Auspicious 5 Girl
Insha Sentence, Writing, Essay 6 Girl
Ariz Respectable Man, Intelligent 9 Boy
Tufan Storm 8 Boy
Tareef Rare, Uncommon 1 Boy
Faihan Fragant 3 Boy
Amana Faithful, To believe 3 Girl
Haaiz Getter 9 Boy
Azmi Extremly wise 22 Girl
Ayish Alive 8 Boy
Janis Lord of men leader, Master of men 8 Boy
Yusuf A prophets name 2 Boy
Talal Nice, Admirable 1 Boy
Mahul Forbearance 1 Boy
Puyah Goal 8 Boy
Uzaib Fresh 5 Boy
Ozhan Thrower 1 Boy
Mahdi Guided to the right path, Rightly guided 8 Boy
Sabur Patient, Tolerant, Forbearing, Preserving 7 Boy
saayed Leader, Lord, Master 1 Boy
Adlaa Just, Fair woman 1 Girl
Araz Commodities 1 Boy
Zaaef Hospitable 3 Boy
Diyana Giver of gifts 9 Boy
Razeen Sedate, Grave, Sober minded, Composed, Subtle 6 Boy
Mahal Forbearing 8 Boy
Hadir Good mannered 4 Boy
Manat Manah 4 Boy
Iyas Compensation, Consoling 9 Boy
Yahya A prophets name 6 Boy
Huzair Laughter 11 Boy
Hadal Peaceful 8 Boy
Rifaah Name of twenty three companion, Greatness 7 Boy
Raghib Desiring, Willing 9 Boy
Eihab To give freely, To endow someone with a gift 7 Boy
Zariyan Dispersed in the air 4 Boy
Abudah Devoted to God 1 Boy
Babil Babylon 8 Boy
Yunus A prophets name 1 Boy
Eiham Fantasy 9 Boy
Haalah Aureole 22 Boy
Mahlaa Forbearing 9 Girl
Rasaan Raindrops that fall intermittently 9 Boy
Jaamil Beautiful 1 Boy
Yaqeen Trust, Belief 4 Boy
Zuraib Eloquent 5 Boy
Araabi Well spoken 5 Boy
Piruza Turquoise 1 Girl
Vashti The eternal cleansing, Kindness 7 Girl
Taibah Pure, Repentant 5 Girl
Pounah Pennyroyal 3 Boy
Halif Ally, Confederate 9 Boy
Azari Maidens 1 Boy
Gasheen Good 5 Boy
Dayyin Devout 6 Boy
Inab Grape 8 Boy
Jazeel Good attitude, Good manners, Tremendous 5 Boy
Baashir Seeing, Wise, Bringer of good news 4 Boy
Ayiq Larkspur 7 Boy
Ajeeb Amazing 5 Boy
Muhab Dignified 9 Boy
Kazim Restrainer of anger 6 Boy
Ajam Great and mighty 7 Boy
Nawl Nobleness 5 Boy
Yaseera Rich woman, Living well 11 Girl
Rajih Having the upper hand, More acceptable 1 Boy
Zamr Lions roar 22 Boy
Hasim Generosity, Prophets grandfather, Decisive 5 Boy
Piraya Jewels 7 Girl
Talaat Appearance, Face, Countenance, Vision 1 Boy
Sihah Faultless 9 Boy
Hajir Another name of God, Present, Ready 1 Boy
Yaseer Wealthy, Lives forever 1 Boy
Kohl Kohl 1 Boy
Kasir Another name of God, One who breaks 22 Boy
Ajab Wonder 5 Boy
Lamaan Glimmer 6 Boy
Kuram Selfless 1 Boy
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