Indian girl names for meaning River

141 Indian Girl Names Found For Meaning Having 'River'

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AishithaRiver Yamuna3.0Add
AlakanandaName of a river, A river in the himalayas5.0Add
AlaknandaName of a river, A river in the himalayas5.0Add
AshitaRiver Yamuna3.0Add
AsitaThe river Yamuna3.0Add
AsraRiver of paradise0Add
AtreyiName of a river3.5Add
AvipsaEarth, River Avani3.5Add
AvishiEarth, River3.0Add
BhanujaRiver Yamuna3.0Add
BipashaA river3.0Add
CauverySame as Cauvery Name of a river3.0Add
ChandaniA river3.0Add
ChandhiniMoon light or a river3.0Add
ChandrabhagaRiver chenab4.5Add
ChisthaRiver tributary2.5Add
ChitraniRiver Ganga3.5Add
DaryaRiver, Possesses a lot, Wealthy0Add
EcchumatiA river4.5Add
EiravatiLightening, Ravi river5.0Add
GangaRiver Ganga2.0Add
GangikaRiver Ganga3.0Add
GangotriSacred river of india2.0Add
GatitaA river3.0Add
GautamiRiver Godavari3.0Add
GauthamiRiver Godavari3.0Add
GodavariRiver Godavari4.0Add
GodavriA river4.0Add
GomatiName of a river3.0Add
GomtiName of a river3.0Add
GouthamiOther Name of the river Godavari4.0Add
IkshulaHoly river3.5Add
IndrayaniThe Name of a sacred river4.5Add
IndujaNarmada river3.0Add
IravatiThe river Ravi4.0Add
JaahnaviDaughter of Jahnu or Ganga river3.5Add
JahanviDaughter of Jahnu or Ganga river4.0Add
JahnviDaughter of Jahnu or Ganga river3.5Add
JalabalaA river4.0Add
JamenaHoly river3.0Add
JamunaHoly river3.0Add
JanaviGanga the river3.5Add
JanhaviGanga the river3.5Add
JanviAnother Name of river Ganga3.0Add
JhanaviGanga the river4.0Add
JhanviGanga the river4.0Add
KalindiYamuna river3.0Add
KauserA river in paradise3.0Add
KaveriA river3.0Add
KawtharA river in paradise, Abundant3.5Add
KinjalRiver bank3.0Add
KoshaOrigin, Name of river2.0Add
KosikaA river Name3.0Add
KoutherRiver in Jannat paradise3.0Add
KrishnaLord Krishna, Name of the river2.5Add
KshipraName of a river in india2.5Add
KshipraaName of a river in india2.5Add
MaghnaRiver gangas3.0Add
MahabhadraGanga river4.5Add
MandaA river2.0Add
MandakiniA river4.0Add
MeghnaRiver ganges3.0Add
MeshwaA Name of river2.5Add
NarmadaOne who arouses tender feelings in others, River Narmada3.5Add
NarmadhaOne who arouses tender feelings in others, River Narmada3.5Add
NayilaQueen of river Nile0Add
NeelajaRiver starting from blue mountain (Neel Parvat)3.0Add
NeevaOne of the 1000 Names of river Narmada2.0Add
NiranjanaName of a river, Goddess Durga, The night of the full Moon4.0Add
PayoshnikaThe Ganga river4.5Add
PonniAnother Name of river Kaveri3.0Add
PoorvagangaRiver Narmada4.5Add
PranhitaName of a river4.0Add
RehwaAncient Name of river Narmada3.0Add
RithekaCommand river3.0Add
RohaanA river in paradise0Add
RupshaIt is the Name of a river in bangladesh. alternatively, The Name signifies impeccable beauty--- that cannot at any time be measured2.0Add
SamagnaName of a river4.0Add
SaravatiA river4.0Add
SarayuA holy river3.0Add
SaryuRiver Sharayu3.0Add
SawiniA river3.0Add
SejalRiver water3.0Add
ShailajaA river3.0Add
SharayuName of a river3.0Add
SharyuHoly river2.5Add
SheoliA river3.0Add

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