Free Vedic Horoscope

The In-Depth Horoscope concentrates on the minutest aspects of life, bringing your entire life to you in a nutshell. The report will highlight the important events of your life and the course they take.

Describing your general personality, appearance and wellbeing, the In-Depth Horoscope report will also highlight factors such as wealth, education, career, family members, marriage and obstacles, if any.

However, what makes this report different from others is its special emphasis on remedies. While other horoscope reports underline the person you are and interrelated issues, the report also provides reliable remedies based on your birth chart and planetary positions. The ‘parihara’ or remedial actions suggested in the report will help you set right the course of your life.

You also get an additional bonus of a transit forecast for the immediate future, ashtakavarga based life trends predictions and favourable periods for marriage, career, house construction, and business.