Top 100 Sikh Girl Names - 2014

Total 92 Top 100 Sikh Girl Names - 2014    
Name Meaning Numerology Gender Add to Fav
Amanpreet Love with peace 3 Unisex
Amrita Immortality, Priceless 8 Girl
Ananya Goddess Parvati, Matchless, Unique, Different from others, Charming 2 Girl
Anisha Close, Intimate, Good friend, Continuous, Without darkness, Light, Unceasing, Generous, Loyal, Close 7 Girl
Antara The second note in hindustani classical music, Para of a song, Beauty 1 Girl
Anureet An atom culture 3 Girl
Anushka A term of endearment, Grace, God has shown favour, Russian 3 Girl
Armani Is associated to Goddess Durga 11 Girl
Armin Dweller of the garden of eden 1 Girl
Arshdeep Natkhat bachhi 4 Girl
Arshia Of sacred descent, Heavenly 11 Girl
Arunima Glow of dawn 5 Girl
Ashmeet Trustworthy friend, Pride, Ever smiling, Devine smile 8 Girl
Asita River Yamuna, Success, Limitless, Night, Dark 5 Girl
Asmani Celestial, Divine, Heavenly, Azure 3 Girl
Asreet Somebody who gives shelter, One who gives refuge to others, God of wealth, One who protects others, Rite of dependency, Trust on God, One who is dependent on God), Subramaniam Swami 5 Girl
Avantika Ancient malwa, Ujjain, Infinite, Humble, Modest, The sacred city of ujjain 7 Girl
Avneet Modest, Kind hearted 22 Girl
Ekampreet Love for ones God 4 Girl
Eshnaa Desire 3 Girl
Garima Warmth 4 Girl
Gunmeet A friend of qualities 4 Girl
Gunreet People with this name tend to be very inspired, Intuitive, And creative. they strive to see the big picture and achieve their dreams 9 Girl
Gurditta One born with gurus blessing 1 Girl
Gureet Of the Guru 4 Girl
Gurisha Wish of Guru 11 Girl
Gurjeet Victory of the Guru, Triumph of the Guru 5 Girl
Gurkiran Light from the Guru 9 Girl
Gurleen In serve of teacher 1 Girl
Gurneet Gurus moral 9 Girl
Gurpreet Love of Guru, Gurus Love 11 Girl
Gursheen Gurus pride 7 Girl
Hamreet Beloved of God, Friend of God 7 Girl
Hargeet Lords blissful songs 1 Girl
Harseerat Light 5 Girl
Harsimran Remembrance of God 11 Girl
Harsimrat Gods remebrance 8 Girl
Humpreet Hum aur Preet 7 Girl
Japleen Absorbed in gods remembrance 9 Girl
Jasjeet Glorious victory 7 Girl
Jasleen Absorbed in singing gods praises, In the name of God, Abode of fame 3 Unisex
Jasmeet Famed, Celebrated, Famous 1 Girl
Jasnoor The light of God 11 Girl
Jaspinder Lords glory 6 Girl
Jaspreet The one who loves to sing the praises of the Lord 4 Girl
Jassi One who sits 4 Girl
Jasveen Get victory, Hero of fame, Famous personality 22 Girl
Jusmeet Glorious friend 3 Girl
Kareena Pure, Innocent, Female friend, Manner, Mode, Order, Scandinavian, Variant of katherine 1 Girl
Karnapriya Something that is sweet to our ears 6 Girl
Kashmira From kashmir 8 Girl
Kauser A river in paradise 3 Girl
Khahish Hearts desire 1 Girl
Komaljot Soft and peaceful light 7 Girl
Kshitija Point where the Sky & sea appears to Meet, Horizon, Daughter of the earth, Another name for Sita 6 Girl
Kuljot Light of the family 8 Girl
Kulpreet Love of the family 9 Girl
Manpreet Pretty, Eye catching 11 Boy
Manpriya Beloved heart 7 Girl
Manreet Custom of heart 4 Girl
Meera Devotee of Lord Krishna, Ocean, Boundary, Poetess 6 Girl
Mehar Courtesy of God 9 Girl
Muskaan Smile, Happiness 8 Girl
Namrita Utmost humility see more 4 Girl
Navdeep Light, The ever new light, New lamp, The sweet smell of a pack of fundip mixed with a new flame 4 Boy
Navkiranjot Novel light victory 9 Girl
Nimrat Nirmal 3 Girl
Noor Light, Angel 8 Girl
Paramleen Absorbed in the highest, God 4 Girl
Parineeti Bird 7 Boy
Parmindar God of the gods, Highest God 4 Girl
Parneet Married 7 Girl
Parvinder God of the gods 8 Girl
Ravneet Morality like The Sun 4 Girl
Rit Persevering enemy, Somebody who gives shelter, Appropriate, Respected, Brilliant, Truth 2 Unisex
Roopjot Beauty 1 Girl
Rubani Soul Bani 11 Girl
Ruby Red stone, Ruby, Red, Jewel, Precious 3 Girl
Sajjra Eternal Lord 5 Boy
Saroor Happiness, Calm, Satisfaction 5 Girl
Shaleen Modest 1 Girl
Simar Gods favorite 6 Boy
Simrat Remember, Remembering through meditation 8 Girl
Sirat Inner beauty, Fame, Desired or longed for 22 Girl
Tannu Body, Slender, Minute, Delicate, Thin 7 Unisex
Tanveet Beautiful 6 Girl
Vidhya Knowledge, Learning 6 Girl
Yasmine Precious stone 5 Girl
Zareena Golden 7 Girl
Zeenat Adornment, Ornament, Delicate or honor 8 Girl
Zoha Morning star, 93rd Sura of Quran 5 Unisex
Zohra Sparkle, Blossom, Blooming 5 Girl
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